2018 January Film DiScussion Thread



Largely wondered what the hell someone who hadn’t seen it would make of James Franco’s performance if they had no concept of Tommy Wisseau innit. Must seem absolutely ludicrous?


I think i was smewhat aware of what he was like but if he really is like that n real life, hes utterly bizarre. Did feel dead sorry for him at times though


Does anyone have friends who have seen the new Star Wars with no/little experience of the OT or prequels? I’m always curious about how sequels or franchise instalments work on their own merits for newcomers (like my dad who watched Trainspotting 2 having not seen the first one?!? Shoulda disowned him smh)


Read all this thinking of Days of Thunder and wondering if you were being facetious.


This whole Snyder Cut thing is totally baffling to me.


What we saying to golden globe results en


Not seen 3 billboards or lady bird yet, so needless to say I am absolutely FURIOUS


I saw the Force Awakens having not seen the ones from.the 90s at all.or th other ones for about 20 years


Or little big lies (though I will soon for uni)!

Gonna watch in the fade (aus dem nichts) later today


I found Happy Death Day a bit too slight. Lost interest about an hour in and reached for the phone which is always a bad sign as I normally give off to TV for doing that. It didn’t help that she called out the murderer after the first rewind either.


Honestly, I wake up to find I, Tonya has gone from acclaimed if divisive film to Most Problematic Film ever seemingly. Wait until these people find out about Sufjan’s song.


And what did you make of it then? (Sorry, not wading through the SW thread again…)


Found it a bit dull tbh. It seemed like a nostalgia tour, just flying to other planets and being like hey look its Leia! Also think the events had less of an impact. When the big thing happens I wasnt really grabbed. Certainly didnt make me want to go see the new one


It’s Jurassic World all over again. Can’t wait for the inevitable big budget sequels to the likes of Casper, Free Willy and Space Jam now. And isn’t it Sony not Disney?


Oh crap, yeah, it is Sony, sorry.


First weekend of the year done then:

Brad’s Status - Ben Stiller mopes through a trip to view colleges with his kid as he feels like he isn’t successful enough in life. This was pretty good although cut a bit close to the bone in some stuff that my gf and I seem to be struggling with at the minute making it a more uncomfortable experience than I would have wanted. Stiller is great as a mopey dickhead and I am fully in love with Jenna Fischer every role she plays.

Hostiles - Fucking hell this is bleak. The opening section is one of the most horrible, difficult to watch scenes I’ve watched in a long time. Elsewhere this was very big-serious-filmish but very good, great performances, looked stunning and explored the history of the treatment of Native Americans a lot more sensitively than I thought it would going in. Well worth a watch if you an stomach it.

All The Money In The World - This is fucking dreadful. Well played for cutting Spacey out of it at such short notice (especially given the last shot is a sculpture bust of Christopher Plummer which I imagine wasn’t quick to get sorted… but this film is fucking shite. Michelle Williams is so good normally, fuck knows what she’s doing in this mess. Mark Wahlberg is laughably bad but the portrayal of Italians in this film is fucking absurd, I’ve seen more nuanced depictions of “Italian Gangsters” in the Simpsons. Really, really bad. Don’t see it please.


How many times do they say ‘All the money in the world’ in All the Money in the World?


At least once, maybe more tbh.


I thought ATMITW was ok, mostly because it was fun watching Christopher Plummer basically play a live action Monty Burns.


Was tempted to watch Brad’s Status back-to-back with Ingrid Goes West, but felt like I’d end up feeling pretty bad about the state of things :man_shrugging: