2018 January Film DiScussion Thread



Both are more fun than that IMO.


I couldn’t work out if it was supposed to be funny or not, tonally all over the place but you’re right, it was a comically over the top performance.


I saw Ingrid and you’re right, maybe it was more that I didn’t want to dedicate so much time to films about SM when i don’t even use it that much any more (DiS doesn’t count okay …)

I enjoy Stiller a lot in these type of films too but I’ll be eternally scarred by watching Greenberg so find it hard to be motivated to watch his new things sometimes.


This isn’t as social mediay as Ingrid Goes West at all, kind of feels like a misleading title from that point of view tbh


Ha, I thought exactly the same about that bust!

Also saw Hostiles, that was pretty great and very bleak. Lot’s of lovely shots of the America outdoors.


saw the trailer for Three Billboards and don’t think I’ll actually be arsed seeing it but let’s continue giving loads of awards to Frances McDormand please


Haven’t been to the cinema yet but was bedridden all weekend and watched Sorcerer (holy hell this is good and nightmarishly tense), Ruben Östlund’s ‘Play’ (finally, after loving Force Majeure, and its brilliant) and Come as you Are which as Belgian comedies about disabled people wanting to lose their virginity go, had far more heart than I expected.


Already on Netflix? Blimey. I loved it. ‘Heaven Knows What’ is worth a look too.


That was my main reason for wanting to watch it. Still might give it a go…


Oh, hmm, didn’t know this. I was thinking about seeing it at the PCC tonight…


For what it’s worth, it would probably be a great cinema experience. The soundtrack being blasted out from some decent speakers alone would likely make the entry fee worthwhile.


The Bling Ring, again, not out of choice it’s for Uni, still rubbish.




I know, but at least this time I can make notes about how shite it is


While watching, I mean


if someone had a gun to your head and you had to watch one of these, what’d you choose?

  • The Bling Ring
  • Spring Breakers

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I’ve not actually seen Spring Breakers, so


Hahahha for instance Gavin Rossdale(!)’s “acting”


what the heck is he doing in there


not seen either but i’m violently allergic to harmony korine. don’t particularly care for sofia coppola but her stuff can be nicely shot and directed.