2018 January Film DiScussion Thread



Hahaha I might go mental and watch Spring Breakers to go alongside it


He certainly has no idea


if i could give you and eric one piece of advice in life, it would be ‘don’t watch spring breakers’


Spring Breakers is good


I’m already on a pretty downward spiral as it is, can it really get worse?




this is the least surprising take ever


I fucking love Spring Breakers


How could you not love this?


think you and @ttf should battle it out for most contrarian poster of all time


put it this way, I watched the tina fey and amy poehler vehicle ‘Sisters’ on NYD, with ugly matt damon (no idea what his name is) and maya rudolph in supporting roles. it was truly, truly awful, but i would suggest you watch that before spring breakers. maybe watch Sisters twice in fact before you even consider Spring Breakers. and I like James Franco.


Spring Breakers and Bling Ring are both such shit titles that they could never, ever not be rubbish films


Seeing it when I was incredibly hungover in an insanely loud cinema was one of the most joyful experiences of my life, 10/10


Think Spring Breakers effect on popular culture is hugely underplayed. Was looking at videos of some of 2017’s biggest hip hop tunes this weekend and so many of them looked just like Spring Breakers.


I’d be watching Spring Breakers purely because it’s related to this week’s class at uni (which is on The Bling Ring/Sofia Coppola) though, so it will be with some level of detachment


Bling Ring is based on a real thing at least though:


The bling ring thing


errrr surely hip hop culture influenced harmony korine? ‘alien’ is literally just Riff Raff, and he cast Gucci Mane ffs


The Bling Ring 'hing


In that sense yes but I’m speaking from a visual sense, everything looks v similar to it.