2018 January Film DiScussion Thread



How am I contrarian? Half of rotten tomatoes audience members agree with me, I rate popular sitcoms most of dis sneer at, I’m not a contrarian at all






this looks fuckin baws

almost went to see it because cineworld have fuck all else on just now. might sack this cineworld card off, it’s been shit for ages.


there’s one!


I guess on a board of contrarians, I the non contrarian appear contrarian


Conan the non contrarian


Officially object to all this contrarian talk


Have you seen The Square yet? Loved Force Majeure so looking forward to it.


No, it’s not out here until March which is rude imo


It’s definitely not fuckin’ baws. Solid 7/10 or so IMO.



dunno if i can hack another ben stiller film where he’s all sad that he’s not living his dreams or whatever he’s doing in that film


He is doing exactly that but we’re not supposed to feel pity for him which is pretty crucial


I’m gonna watch Days of Heaven again soonish. I was bogged down with anxiety when I watched it last, so I couldn’t get into it. really looking forward to losing myself in those magic hour skies.


Hey @Severed799 , Jeff Jarrett is in Spring Breakers


OMG REALLY :smiley: OK I’m definitely watching it (though not today now as I’ve not enough time, maybe tomorrow)


Does he smash a guitar over James Franco?



I would love to see this in a cinema some time


I didn’t really like the bit where Moonee cries. I mean, I don’t think it’s possible to get a small child to do that kind of scene and for it not to seem forced. but I guess you guys mean the very end, with the running away to Disneyland. which I thought was a really strange way to end it, but weirdly compelling all the same.


That absolutely slayed me