2018 January Film DiScussion Thread



I reckon Spring Breakers is good, but I think maybe I’m just a sucker for Korine’s whole thing.


see, normally that kind of scene would destroy me. but it just didn’t scan as real for me. kind of spoiled the scene a little, as the whole business with her finding out what the child protection people were actually trying to do was brilliantly done and so my emotions already felt piqued.


It was the point for me where her performance became something special independent of the kid-being-a-kid stuff which was already great


that was the bit just before, for me. but yeah, worra performance, eh?


Aye, child performances are pretty bad 99.9% of the time IMO, the times they ring true are largely when their sense of wonder at the thing that’s actually happening in their life at that moment is legitimate and genuine, for her to give a performance like that with the moments of heartbreak ringing as true as the moments of dicking about is very special.


he is! only one scene I think but he’[s there in a speaking role (I think it is on Netflix too)


he struts around while Selena Gomez wears a bikini


German Netflix is rubbish but I’ve found a version


Haven’t seen a lot of the contenders yet, but does feel like this year’s Best Director category at the Oscars is looking pretty strong, probably will be out of this lot, all for highly acclaimed films:

Greta Gerwig
Steven Spielberg
Christopher Nolan
Martin McDonagh
Guillermo Del Toro
Luca Guadagnino
Jordan Peele


Spring breakers was so shite.


Why have I replied to you, sorry


Wow Jumanji is a lot of fun. Wasn’t expecting to enjoy it anywhere near as much as I did. There aren’t enough straight-forward adventure films these days. Doesn’t take any chances, is completely predictable but it’s a romp.


was totally shocked when why are you reading this spoiler when you don’t even know what film i’m talking about??


yeah, was alright. well acted and some nice shots of the usa like you say.

a solid 6/10 for me. good but pretty sure after today i’ll never think about it ever again.


I’ve seen Spring breakers twice.

Bite me.


I did just go to see it! I really liked it generally but that was also absolutely my takeaway. Music and general experience were well worth the £££.


Moebius (2014)
I know kim ki-duk can make good films, i’ve seen them, but i’ve no idea what he was thinking with this. Badly shot and edited, not funny, not disturbing. Just total trash.


Watched Brawl in Cell Block 99.

Feel it gets a bit cartoony and the last few scenes sort of ruin it. Seemed to go towards being a bit dark comedy which was an awful misstep. Vince Vaughn is good though


Wow so The Florida Project is gorgeous. The kid should win every acting award going.

Her crying in the scene with her best friend at the end was mega intense.


Is anyone else confused by film criticism now? I’ve seen two examples (on Twitter - which might be the problem) recently - Three Billboards and Get Out.

The first seems to be suggestions that Three Billboards is ‘racist’ due to a character arc of one of the main players. I was looking forward to seeing this but now feel slightly weary of actually seeing it. I always thought the jist of Martin McDonagh’s film was showing unlikeable characters acting awfully which turns into a certain black humour (such as In Bruges - the characters attacking Americans and fat people) which I don’t remember being seen as problematic at the time.

The second is the group of people saying that Get Out is under-represented at the awards because of racism. I enjoyed Get Out but did think it was over-rated and a 7/10 at best. Is the under-representation due to the quality of the art or due to the biases of the film judges?

There absolutely should be light shone on these issues because the time is rights and more representation and diversity in the arts. Last year, Moonlight was the absolute deserved winner and is one of my favourite films of all time. However, the pendulum seems to have swung where some people only talk about the politics of a film before the artistic merit (even without seeing the film), or is that correct because all art is essentially politics?

Or in Three Billboards case, should art ask challenging questions about unlikeable characters with horrible views? By depicting these characters is it endorsing them and their views or is it showing us a character that makes us uncomfortable?