2018 January Film DiScussion Thread





Aus Dem Nichts (In The Fade)

So this is Faith Akim’s new film which this week won the award for the best foreign film at the Golden Globes and takes it title from Queens of the Stone Age’s best song (:fire:) and as a result has Josh Homme (boo) doing the soundtrack.

I’ve seen a couple Faith Akim films now as my girlfriend is a big fan as all his films tend to be about Hamburg, this one features Diane Kruger’s family being targeted in an attack which kills her husband and son.

It moves from a crime mystery/picture of grief to a courtroom drama to a revenge thriller in three literal acts, and there is a distinct feeling to each act to keep it fresh. There’s also plenty of snappy dialogue, Kruger is excellent (she won best actress at Cannes last year for this) and it’s always fun to see Hamburg on film… so why don’t I love this film?

I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but something keeps it from going beyond “good” into “great” or, 3 to 4 stars. There’s just something missing that doesn’t allow it all to hang together and so, I’m surprised to see it win the award. I’ve not seen A Fantastic Woman, First They Killed My Father or Loveless but I have seen The Square and certainly found that far more striking and challenging. One suspects the guild just gave this for Kruger’s performance alone as she’s also active in America, who knows.

Anyone else seen it?


Nope but im gonna see if its online tomorrow, was reading it up earlier


Worth a watch!


Just watched M:I Rogue Nation - brilliantly daft stuff.


Have so much unashamed love for Rogue Nation. Came out the same year as Spectre and is ten times the film that is.


The new (4&5) MI films are both a thousand times better than Bond. Just so much more self aware and silly. Also there’s so many twists and turns but in a fun rather than convoluted way.


Mission Impossible ranking:

4 > 1 > 3 > 5 >>>> 2


It’s not got a release date here yet annoyingly.


I finally saw Molly’s Game which was absolutely fine but picked up hugely by Chastain’s performance. Massive outs to the sole guy who giggled loudly at the racist comments, hope he got hit by a bus on the way home.


Yeah, Get Out was one of those films that was more important than it was actually good. 7/10 for me as well - I can’t say it’s stayed with me, to be honest.

The criticism of Three Billboards for racism is bullshit shouted by simpletons. Almost every character in that film has a story arc that doesn’t go where you would expect it to. Just because one of them is a detestable racist prick, it doesn’t make the film inherently racist. Go see it - It’s a great black comedy!


Saw Molly’s Game last night too. A solidly told story with good performances. I thought I might feel the running time towards the end, but it flew by - Saying that, I still think they could’ve shaved off 20 minutes without affecting the film.

I didn’t know the story at all, so I was straight onto Google to find out who the players were. Tobey Maguire seems a bit of a dick, doesn’t he?


I’m not sure I’ve ever seen 3… I watched the motorbike chase/fight from the end of 2 on YouTube last night and it’s absolutely awful. Amazing that John Woo directed that really.


AH I was wondering that, it should do now after the win though right? It seems to be wrapping up here as it’s been out a couple months but the version I saw was with English subs so I’d imagine it will get picked up


Saw Hacksaw Ridge last night (think it’s a couple of years old now). It was… alright. The real story behind it is amazing though.


1 > 5 > 3 > 4 >>>>>>>>>>>> 2 for me with 3, 4 and 5 being pretty much equal. Should put Rebecca Ferguson in that people you fancy thread.


if someone had a gun to your head and you had to watch a randomly selected film from one of these franchises:

  • Agent James Bond No. 7
  • Mission: Impossible

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I love James Bond but there’s like a 1 in 2 chance you’ll end up with a dud. It’s 1 in 5 with M:I.




Never tell @eltham the odds!


Watched Lucky last night, which I think was Harry Dean Stanton’s last role. HDS plays Lucky, a guy in his nineties whose body is starting to fail him, and the film just sort of follows him round his day to day life as he comes face to face with death. I enjoyed it but I doubt I’d ever seek it out again. There is one scene where HDS breaks out into a spontaneous song at a party that had me in bits for some reason.