2018 January Film DiScussion Thread



Finally saw mother! last night.

Without question, the worst film of the decade.


My dude, have you seen Diana?


I have not. But I might now.

I can’t think of anything about mother! that I actually liked. Actually - Michelle Pfeiffer. Other than that, nothing. Think the thing that angers me above all else is how much of a waste of Javier Bardem it is.


Really lovely, wasn’t it. I could have watched David Lynch talking about that tortoise for hours.


Saw The Shape of Water last night. Lovely, it was.


Summer of Sam - late 90s Spike Lee really is not the one.


its not even Aronosky’s worst film of the decade


watched Spotlight on a Murderer which was good fun, same guy who did Eyes Without A Face


I’ve not seen Black Swan or Noah. I reckon I’d find Noah quite good fun. I reckon I’d find Black Swan deeply annoying but ok on balance.


Black Swan’s brilliant m8, his best film


Black Swan was pretty rubbish I thought, thought it was a lot more than it was. Noah is just plainly awful, doesn’t even have the hokey value of being so bad it’s good

i actually quite enjoyed mother! although it pretty much shouted in your face what the allegory was, i quite liked how it just thought fuck it and descended into absolute chaos. also found the scenes where the house kept getting busier and no one listened to Jennifer Lawrence quite tense


i bet Aronofsky is absolutely interminable to have a pint with


I’ll watch it at some point I reckon. Still don’t think he’ll ever top Pi myself - a low budget gem if ever there was.

Ah fair enough. I thought that if you’re gonna make a biblical epic, then making one with Russell Crowe and Ray Winstone giving it more ham than a butcher’s window is the way to do it.


mother! is a far better biblical epic, put it that way


Yeah fuck that.

I’m convinced that he wrote this section of the wikipedia Requiem for a Dream page himself https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Requiem_for_a_Dream#Style


I mean, it’s not better than The Wrestler is it, but it’s a good/very good film


yeah maybe, should re-watch really


Finally watched Moonlight (across about 4 commutes this week). Really taken by the sound editing in it.


ost is awesome!


The best bit of Mother! was clearly Kristen Wiig blowing people’s heads off