2018 January Film DiScussion Thread



Hip hop montage :rofl:


Watched Radio Mary, it was interesting in a sort of mumblecore, horror type of way but the plot itself was pretty ephemeral.


Im out!




Could listen to Lynch talk about nearly anything. Did you ever see the extra on the Inland Empire dvd where he’s cooking quinoa? Love the story he tells there


It’s certainly coming to something when your film is so bad that people are demanding the Zack Snyder version.


I’ve watched it maybe five times. And I only discovered it in November.


did you see the art life? pretty much just lynch telling stories.

love this too


I found the parts where they disobey/ignore mother almost unbearably anxiety inducing


Yeah same theres smethng in unwanted visitors that dont leave that is a bit unnerving to me


said it at the time but it’s just this basically:


Yeah thinking about it more, there’s actually 2 or 3 really good films trapped within mother! that Aronofsky decided not to make and just ploughed on with an overblown, farcical fuckfest instead.


not rinse-washing your quinoa first, eh champ? living on the edge


I bet this is all just a marketing exercise for the DVD release, isn’t it? They’re probably all on the Warner payroll.


I have many questions about this, but the main one is why are Wonder Woman’s mum and Iron Man in the Justice League film?


I find it impossible to believe this film is worse than MoS or BvS but someday it’ll be free to stream and I will find out!


I think it’s just that some people’s expectations were too high and when the film wasn’t perfect they cling on to the hope that there’s some better version out there (as some people will with Solo, I’m sure). When that version is made by Zack Snyder though, history suggests it probably won’t be better, he was the wrong man to do it in the first place.

TBH I didn’t mind BvS. It looked like it would be a complete car crash right from the first trailer so I think maybe my expectations were so low that I found it surprisingly watchable. Not good, but watchable. Especially compared to Suicide Squad…


Good Time (now on Netflix) - yeah, really good. Has a great energy to it that doesn’t fizzle out like it does in many similar films and R Patz is superb. Weird how it got such a low key release here, I gather in the States it was pretty well received and screened.



Yeah, same. Really captured the feeling of my kind of anxiety dreams. Actually found myself saying “For fuck sake, get off that fucking sink!” out loud.