2018 January Film DiScussion Thread



Going to that posh refurbed Odeon “Haymarket” tonight to see a very underappreciated foreign language film*. Anyone been there yet since it became posh? Looks pretty nice.

*Ok I’m seeing Jumanji 2.


i realise it’s not actually called that, but is it intended as a sequel rather than a reboot?


It is a sequel


what a time to be alive


Yeah its really nice. Foot rests! Loads of legroom!


Smells of toilet


Funny you mention it, i was thinking exactly that last week when i saw The Florida Project.
It has the same combination of high-intensity over-saturated dreamlike candy colours, but with tons of handheld gritty, ow-rent, everyday stuff thrown in. It had maybe sorta been done before i guess but Spring Breakers definitely minted a new kind of style.


just realised The Rock was in Welcome to the Jungle and now Jumanji : Welcome to the Jungle

funny world eh?


Yeah, I loved it. Especially the bit with the wee toy birds and his big dumb grin.

He’s a great and strange man




3 billboards : absolutely brilliant for the first hour and a bit then peeters out, imo


So many hugely unpleasant and upsetting moments in three billboards, don’t wanna be a dick about people laughing too much in the cinema but at times it was really grating. Think the audience made the biggest case for it using violent racism as kind of a non-essential quirk of bad character cos apparently someone just saying something racist is hilarious.

The moment when you find out that the murderer wasn’t THE murderer was so gutting in its reminder that it wasn’t an exceptional crime, and that Angela was the one of the victims more likely to lead to any response at all.


I really liked Three Billboards; couldn’t remember if it was directed by the brother who did In Bruges or the one who did Calvary, as it definitely felt like the latter at times (the tension within a small community (though not as small as C, ofc)). Relentlessly dark at times, but I liked (and this is definitely something I have a taste for that others may not) how it was able to manoeuvre its tone.

Really looking forward to Lady Bird. I’d already been looking forward to it but, having seen the trailer for the first time while at the cinema, I can’t wait to see it.

Oh man, this year is good early on for films I’m looking forward to! I always like it when a year like this comes along. :smiley:


It really does smell of toilet and the projector just broke before the film even started so now I’m in a very slow queue waiting for a refund :expressionless:


It’s the guy who did In Bruges


Good Times - enjoyed it but the OPN soundtrack is a bit nuts, works really well at the end but was massively full on throughout. R Patz was really good and well supported. maybe struggled keep it up after a great first 25 mins (mrbean.gif) 7/10


It’s also a much better sequel than I suspect anyone could have imagined.


Anyone have Everyman Unlimited membership? Any reason I shouldn’t switch from Cineworld to that (small cost difference aside)


Cineworld are union busting cunts so ditch them regardless.


This is true - but Everyman are okay in that sense as far as anyone knows?