2018 March Film DiScussion Thread


Watched this weekend:

Veronica I don’t understand all the hype? Saw a few articles with people saying it was the scariest film ever etc. It starts quite creepy but then like most horror it gets too silly and implausible to have any proper impact. 3/5

Kung Fu panda 3 the third best Kung Fu Panda film. Says his catchphrase too much to the point of being bludgeoned in the head by it.

Blue Jay my kind of film length. Love both the actors in this a lot but the characters were too tedious for me to ever really get behind.

Super Dark Times almost turned off in the first 20 minutes at how tedious and by numbers the Teen Bro dialogue was, then it takes a turn and I’m glad I stuck with it. Good.


2>1>3, fyi


It’s a true story pal


yeah Veronica was shit



This weeks most haunted was scarier though




Haven’t been many films where the hype made less sense to me.


Also unsurprising but still depressing:


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thought fantastic woman was super. offt at the section where

Block quoteshe’s kidnapped and told she’s got footballers legs, then to the club and imagines being a football cheerleader after going down on a guy. Herbert made the dance record playing there, I guess.

one plot bit I wasn’t keen on was

Block quotewhen she saw someone else’s sauna keys on the table, I don’t like coincidence-y plotlines like that, would have been better if she just remembered which sauna he went to.


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Red rag to a bull mate


Game Night was very enjoyable. Jason Bateman is as reliable a straight-man comedic performer as you can get but I did not expect Rachel McAdams (who I really like as an actor) to be so hilarious and fucking hell Jesse Plemons absolutely steals the show. He is so fucking funny in this film. It’s daftly plotted and throwaway but this film made me laugh a lot audibly and consistently which is everything you could ask of it. Great stuff.


I’m sorry, since you first discovered his MySpace music page you will always be tagged in any Lance Reddick comments, even if they are also correct opinions on John Wick