2018 March Film DiScussion Thread


Seen a lot of people raving over that Oscar-nominated documentary Faces Places, I wonder when it’s out in the UK…September?! :frowning:


Just got back from seeing Three Billboards and I’m not sure what to make of it. I can definitely see why people where criticising it with regards to race relations.


i sent Son of Saul back without watching it. sorry badman!


His jazz music is amazing tbf


Watched The Nile Hilton Incident. Was alright but you know exactly where its going after 10 minutes




i have a real problem with watching WW2/holocaust stuff :confused:


fair enough - it’s definitely a resolutely bleak one…


I loved Lady Bird so much. One of the most recognisable parent-child relationships I’ve seen, imo. Really moved at points and brought to mind Rushmore in how it balanced that and tempered it with the style of wit / humour.

Also Phantom Thread is a lot better on a second viewing. I’d enjoyed it first time round, but appreciated so many more of the details when going into scenes now aware of how they’re going to play out.


I didn’t even dislike Three Billboards but I agree with some of these.


Thought it was pretty terrible. Surprised it’s been so well received.


Still confused how they shot that deer against a blue screen and with all the effects they have these days it looks weird and fake.


Yeah I saw Phantom Thread for a second time on Sunday and it really rewards repeat viewings.


Saw Lady Bird last night and it’s just so lovely and warm. Good to see Tracy Letts play someone who’s not an utter bastard as well.

Also saw Ingmar Bergman’s The Touch. A fairly terrible film derailed by an appalling Elliott Gould performance. Screening enlivened by two girls coming in with an obviously confused and demented old man who stood up and did calesthenics in the aisle for most of the movie, farting loudly.


Tracy Letts is this year’s Liev Schreiber, amazing overlooked performance in a film with lots of Oscar nominations


But the world-building! The hints at the way the criminal underworld operates, without ever talking you through it step-by step. Yes, it’s over/wonderfully (YMMV) choreographed and that’s absolutely a huge part of its appeal, but I think the reason it’s so popular is because it’s so much more than that.


I can fully understand everyone loving it. Just didn’t work for me. Lots of reasons there and it probably depressed me more because everyone in it is clearly having a great time.

I dunno, it’s just James fucking Bond can manage to string a more coherent story together for a series of fun fights than this did.


Different strokes for different folks, I guess. Conceding the ridiculous coincidence that you have to accept as the catalyst, “Bereaved ex-hitman goes on a killing spree after mobsters kill his dog” seems pretty straightforward to me.


Yeah that initial thing was okay it just seemed to completely lose its way after that with all kinds of odd attempts at subplots and different motivations going on to the point where it felt like all that underworld stuff you talked about was retro-worked to allow the story to flow rather than a story being developed on top of a coherent narrative.


Definitely don’t bother with the sequel…