2018 March Film DiScussion Thread



I agree but I think the main problem is Lara Croft is a pretty boring character.


Ladybird was as great as I’d anticipated that it would be! Wonderful and completely relatable performances all around with a delicately subtle score from Jon Brion. It had me both chuckling and holding back tears throughout. Hope Greta Gerwig has another screenplay in the pipeline!

Also after watching Early Man the other week, I wanted to check out The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists! which was definitely the better of the two; probably because this was set in an era with more historical figures and events to poke fun at…


Double bill today. Game Night and I, Tonya.

Game Night is definitely enjoyable for what it is and has a few very big chuckles. Rachel McAdams and Billy Magnussen really shone out of the main players and Jesse Plemons deadpan weirdo was also excellently pulled off. Found it odd how a couple of very small roles had fairly major actors (Jeffrey Wright, Michael C Hall). Biggest laugh for me was ‘glass tables are acting weird tonight’

I, Tonya - enjoyable and well made, but I didn’t think it was quite as good as reviews suggested. Margot Robbie is superb, quite surprised by the plaudits for Alison Janney (who I’m a big fan of generally) as I actually found her character a little one note. All she does is act mean, no other range really required. One part is a straight lift from 24 Hour Party People.

Both 7/10s for me.


“How can that be profitable for Frito Lay?”


There needs to be a phrase for this kind of performance; that just-quietly-getting-on-with-shit-in-middle-age kinda performance. I liked both a lot.


These Ready Player One posters are…er…

Fucking Hell



I guess at this point, they may as well double down on the whole ‘this film is one big pop culture reference!’ thing.


After getting very excited by the trailer and buoyed by my undying love for Jennifer Lawrence, Red Sparrow was a huge let down. What could have been a (surprisingly, almost shockingly) dark and violent spy thriller, unforgivably bodged in the execution by a hammy script, predictable plot and a leery, objectifying sensibility. The edit they made to get it a ‘15’ rating is glaringly obvious, too. Like, ‘ITV Saturday Night Edit Of An 18-Rated Bruce Willis Film’ obvious.

Great cast, all doing the best they can with what they’ve been given (which isn’t much), thinks it’s much cleverer than it is and has way too much lingering, phwoooarrr J-Law nudity which contextually tries to pass itself off as empowerment. According to interviews, that’s how she feels about it so fair play I guess, but it felt very male gaze-y to me.

Edit: I’m actually going to go further and put a CW on the movie for rape, attempted rape and a sexualised torture sequence


the wretching/getting the bullet out scene for me

I love Plemons


got a japan double bill from rental thing

any good?


Thought Game Night was nice and fun. A few big laughs. It felt very safe and easy going. Great cast, Jason Bateman playing his one character absolutely finely. Solid forgettable enjoyment 3.5/5


Tampopo is great


i think koji yakusho might be in my top 10 actors. reckon i’ll watch anything with him in.


The Iron Giant is the weirdest one for me. In this virtual world of escapist pop culture reference mayhem, are they really bro-ing it up through a recreation of a relatively subdued, predominantly real-world-set cult animation?


went to see In Between and it was really good


I also thought it was really good. had a chat with dad about it and he thought it fed into an anti-arab narrative, which mademethink


Last night, I watched Life Itself, the Roger Ebert documentary. He was obviously an interesting chap but 2 hours for a documentary is pushing it.


Yeah it was pretty controversial

Dont know if you saw this, there was a fatwa issued against the director

Tbh I dont think it shows most of the arab characters in a bad light. The three protagonists particularly.

I think it brings out a lot of the contradictions in framing jewish israeli culture as ‘liberal’ when it comes to things like lgbt rights whilst upholding a system of segregation and discrimination which makes it impossible for arab Israelis to exist as queer/feminist.

like when one of them is raped and another threatened by her parents for being a lesbian, they only have each other to turn to, and their tiny underground community. there’s no adequate state protection for them as second class citizens


watched Infinity Chamber on Netflix. did quite well to keep a limited premise interesting