2018 March Film DiScussion Thread


Sweet Country is out tomorrow and was one of the best things I saw last year - seek it out if its on near you.


Went to a double feature last night:

Blade Runner: :+1: :+1: :+1:
Blade Runner 2049: :-1:


interesting article

goes without saying, but I really shouldn’t have read the comments


You’ve put your thumbs next to the wrong films. Easily done.


haha! First time seeing both of them. The first had me grinning loads, but the new one felt a little sterile (and long!) in comparison. :slight_smile:



the three protagonists were wonderful characters he meant the arab straight men, who were all monstrous apart from one of the dads. fitting into the ‘barbaric against women and lgbt’ narrative, he argued. watched a while ago, so might be wrong, but I don’t remember anything showing the lack of state protection or that they are second class citizens- if so, people wouldn’t see the contradictions you point out, unless they had background knowledge.


I enjoyed it a lot. Sharon Horgan was by far my favourite thing about it, but that’d probably be true of anything where she turns up and is rude about things tbf.


Went to see an international women’s day screening of this

Anyone else seen it? Pretty great


watched Lucky, Harry Dean Stanton’s last film which despite getting positive reviews at London & Glasgow and other places still doesn’t appear to have a release date in the UK?

Anyway, it was freakin’ great (98% on RT!!) could easily pass as what HDS’s last days probably were like which seemed very funny if slightly melancholic. David Lynch has a great cameo in it. Also, it’s directed by John Carrol Lynch (no relation) - i.e NORM FROM FARGO! - in his directoral debut


I got the two week free trial of Now TV and the selection’s a bit crap, but I did manage to find a film called Summertime, which was just a really nice touching lesbian romance film.


Norm from Fargo and the probable Zodiac killer!


Yeah I definitely had that thought at some points so was glad when the father was completely understanding and supportive of his daughter. I think that was a really inportant scene.

With the citizenship stuff, I think there are a few moments which revealed this. eg. When one of them has to leave her job because arabic is prohibted, some of the work that layla does as a lawyer (and the way her male,
Jewish colleague speaks to her, the scene when one of them goes to a bar and the guy asks if shes south american and shes like nah palestinian etc.

after the rape scene their response is like what do we do???
There’s no question of even getting medical attention or state support. Its a completely diy solution. Same with the one who decides to move to berlin. It makes me think… if tel aviv is such a gay friendly place why can it not provide refuge for lgbt palestinians who fear violence from their families? For me it brings out the contradictions in ‘pinkwashing’ of the israeli state

imo it captured really beautifully the kind of brave, experimintal world-building that can happen even in spaces that seem to be caught between so many overlapping oppressive forces.


justice league is so painfully awful

(apart from ezra miller)

looked like a 2006 video game for the most part ffs


Ezra Miller’s solo Flash film seems to be stuck in development hell :frowning:


Why am I tempted by this?


Going on Sunday and I think it looks legitimately brilliant.


Just seen its 83 minutes, see you for debrief on Monday.


Perfect length for a bit of unhinged Nicolas Cage nonsense. Can’t wait.


Kermode seemed to give it a decent review too