2018 March Film DiScussion Thread


The plot description on wiki actually clarifies things quite a bit. Think I understand it a bit better now :slight_smile:



i liked reading your post and agree with you, but the things you mention are more subtle than the in your face nasty stuff, which i think might hit harder with audiences.
maybe you credit audience intelligence more than me. i should have more faith in people :grinning:


Watched ‘murder on the Orient express’ and I would like to say two things:

It looked fairly sumptuous but was trying very hard to do so.

It was very unsatisfying and I think I’ve decided Agatha Christie is not for me cause I saw the mouse trap in London and it was also not for me.


So Speed is a pretty great film - exactly the sort of thing I dismissed as stupid and shallow as a teenager, to my shame. But it’s just action and tension done so so well, and with good chemistry to boot.

Does anyone have suggestions for other similar things I may have missed out on? Obviously seen Point Break, Die Hard, Beverly Hills Cop (vaguely similar) but maybe any lesser known or appreciated ones?


Went to see Wonder Wheel today - well, the trailer sold it as something else really. It was okay, not brilliant. Don’t really know any Woody Allen stuff so…not sure what else to say really. Good acting mind, just didn’t really care much for it though. The best bit was the rambling monologue from Winslet and when Paulie Walnuts turned up for a bit.


White Houae Down and Edge of Tomorrow are such good fun


I saw Olympus Has Fallen but not WHD so I’ll add it to the list! Edge of Tomorrow is great yeah, but just put Emily Blunt in a film and I’ll automatically think that tbh.


Bloody love Edge of Tomorrow. PAXTON! :heart:


White House Down is one of the best times i ever had in a cinema


I take it you’ve seen John Wick. What about Inside Man? The Raid?
Jason Statham stuff can be great fun obviously. The Transporter, Crank, The Mechanic.
The Man from UNCLE (the recent one with Armie Hammer, Alicia Vikander and Henry Cavill) is underrated imqhfo


Speed is one of the best films of all time. The writer of Speed, Graham Yost, went on to create Justified, which is one of the best shows of all time. What a CV!

Apart from Die Hard, the closest you’ll get to Speed is Con Air, which is a truly terrific film.

Speed > Con Air > Die Hard


Hated John Wick for some reason, not sure why! Haven’t tried Inside Man though, sounds interesting.


I’d also recommend the Mission Impossible films. Out of 5 films only the 2nd is a dud and the other 4 are gold standard bangers!


Maybe yeah. Would be interesting to read more but I cant find many reviews or critiques online.


Mark Kermode praised it quite a lot. i think there’ll be a video of it online


Does anyone know when A Fantastic Woman is streaming/on dvd?


A bit old but I thought this was interesting.


Jeez I don’t think I’ve ever heard the film Argo mentioned since those Oscars.


Starring Joshua from Friends