2018 March Film DiScussion Thread


I think it’s available now on Curzon Home Cinema. The DVD will be out around July probably if it’s the usual four month gap.


Thought A Fantastic Woman was alright but it really didn’t blow me away. Not sure the execution of the dream sequences fit in that well with the tone of the difficult experiences she was facing, and though Daniela Vega acted well I personally didn’t find Marina to be a particularly compelling character. From the first scene in the sauna I thought the whole thing would end up looking really great but a lot of the direction was quite flat. Slightly disappointed.


Last boy scout is great/terrible.


The bad guy is just bizarre! Like exceptionally unthreatening. I agree though, it’s fun as long as you accept how awful it is!


The equalizer is also enjoyably rubbish. Still trying to think of some classics from back in the day but Arnie films keep popping into my head and surely you’ve seen all the good/bad ones of them?


I am pretty unschooled on action films - haven’t even seen Total Recall tbh.


Total recall is ace but I’d start with commando for sheer daftness


Well this was unexpected:


Veronica - Starts off really intriguing but ends up being a bit of a cluttered mess. Don’t get the claims that it’s dead scary, it isn’t.

Carol - Loved it, very satisfying watching the story play out and characters develop. And it looks amazing. Was very surprised (in a good way) that it’s a happy ending because you tend not to get that in these sorts of films…

Brokeback Mountain - Which led me to rewatch this. One of my favourites and up there with the very best. For 2 hours 15 minutes this goes by much faster than that and doesn’t drag in the way a lot of shorter films do.


Off to see You Were Never Really Here tonight. Dead excited!


It’s very good, Joaquin Phoenix rivals Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain for Best Mumbling in a Film too.


I think they’re prepping it as a Flashpoint reboot-a-thon of the series, basically ditching the shite.


White House Down is the good one. Insane that Olympus got the sequel.


This is the thread to mark my utter dismay at The Shape of Water on just not “getting it” hitting me straight on. Why the hype, I’ll never know.

Don’t @ me.


And it’s getting a third one now too! Never underestimate the racist shithead demographic I guess


You’ve just ruined my day.


I’m seeing that this afternoon. Let me know what you think. I’ll do likewise but wont type any spoilers.




Have you seen it or just surprised by the decent reviews?


You Were Never Really Here - This will stay with me but I haven’t quite landed on whether I liked it or not yet. It looked and sounded absolutely incredible and Phoenix is superb in it but it kind of deliberately keeps you at arm’s length and makes itself very difficult to fully buy into. As a portrait of an extremely troubled human being its very powerful and it will definitely stay with me.

Gringo - This is a bad film. Too much plot, too many characters, too little to care about. Just not good all round really.

Mom and Dad - It features Nicolas Cage smashing a pool table up whilst yelling the Hokey Cokey. What’s not to love? (Quite a lot tbf, too much frenetic editing and showiness for it to be as fun as it could have been). Worth watching if you love nutbar Cage though as there’s plenty of that. Also a family with young kids wandered into the screen by mistake during a scene where a mother gives birth and immediately tries to kill the baby and I had to very quickly say to the Mum how disastrously in the wrong screen they were. Think there will be three very damaged kids as a result…