2018 March Film DiScussion Thread


Calvary - I really wish the McDonagh’s would make Irish films again.

In Bruges > Calvary > Three Billiard Boards > The Guard > War on Everyone > Seven Psychopaths


Saw You Were Never Really Here on Saturday. Thought it was really amazing. Very fragmentary but specific shots keep coming back to me and, as they do, it seems to work together more coherently. The jelly bean shot is one of my favourites in years. Ramsay is a really singular filmmaker and I think this nightmarish film might be her best yet.


Just rewatched You Were Never Really Here and my thoughts were much the same as my viewing at the LFF:

I’ve actually read the book now. It’s a tiny 70 page large print novella and the story is told in a very straight-forward manner. It explains the overarching story a little clearer but the film adds a lot of colour that wasn’t there.

Really love that soundtrack, got it off Bandcamp last Friday.


just back from this, thought i’d love it but i didn’t. it was okay. shot really well and jackqueen is good but idk wanted a bit more meat i guess?


The soundtrack’s on Bandcamp? Yes, Jonny


You Were Never Really Here.

I thought it was excellent. Kind of brutal but you don’t see any violence. Phoenix manages to put a brilliant performance with just a few thousand yard stares. Great film.


From what I could manage of the trailer it looks legit unwatchable.


So, Annihilation then. I absolutely loved it.

Kind of like the final stages of Apocalypse Now and 2001 melted together with Max Ernst and a Suttons seed catalogue.

And properly scary. The soundtrack is something else, even if allegedly compromised by Netflix.


Seeing it Wednesday night now instead but I’ll post here once I do! : )


watched Annhilation. what a load of utter shite. im furious just thinking about it actually

deserves a mention for how shoddy the cgi looks too


I liked it. It’s the most Ballardian film I’ve seen without it being a direct adaptation of any kind. Definitely bits of his transformative novels in there. I’ve also been thinking about it all day so that’s gotta be good right?! And he references all the right things - you can tell he has a literary background, but I never feel that he’s quite come into his own. Sort of treading water in his influences. The CG animals were a bit ropey as well, though the bear with the melded death screams was brilliantly creepy!


Yeah, the croc wasn’t tooooo bad, but the wolf or whatever it was looked utterly laughable. The alien didn’t look great either. I get that it needed the animals to introduce the central idea, but bloody hell, if you don’t have the budget, try and be clever about it!


enjoying the span of responses to annhilation so far


Yeha agreed. Bad cg can really take me out of a film and here it just topped it off


here’s another one: i wont be watching it!


Just watched Real Women Have Curves. I can definitely see the comparisons people are making between it and Lady Bird (California girl wants to go to college in NY, disapproving mum who won’t take her to the airport) but I enjoyed both films a lot.


Annihilation - Thought this was fine though after the amount of hype and build-up I was expecting something with more bite. Didn’t think Portman was very well cast, either. The niggling feeling that it should be in the cinema didn’t help.

I Am Not a Witch This wasn’t what I was expecting at all and was pretty nuts and exciting, a really good satire and some scenes that will stay with me for a while.



I know. People keep talking about how this is the future and that’s a fine opinion to have, but they get really excited about it despite it being a case of (a) massive tech company trying to monopolise cultural production and distribution (oh yippee! we needed more of that!) and (b) instead of not being able to choose what old films to watch, you can also struggle to choose between the LATEST SHIT HOT RELEASES QUICKLY REFITTED TO BE PART OF THE CLOVERFIELD FRANCHISE


I’m guessing this is not a popular franchise here but what the hell