2018 March Film DiScussion Thread


anyone got any recommendations for post-apocalyptic survival films?


The Road, The Survivalist, Time of the Wolf

wouldn’t bother with any others


well Annihilation did go to the cinema in the US but I think there were major production issues which meant it went to Netflix elsewhere

it’s visually like the sort of bargain bin stuff they churn out so it makes snese


Saw American Graffiti again last night, in Blu Ray. Is that a blinder or what?
George Lucas’s best film?


ooh cheers. might try survivalist.


One of the best films of the 70s


Good trailer, I am very much up for this. Wasn’t a huge fan of the first one but am an unabashed HP fan and Jude Law looks like an excellent Dumbledore.


Genuinely felt quite giddy seeing Hogwarts again


THX 1138 for me but then i’m indie as all heck


I am glad they have Dan Fogler back in it, he was easily the best thing about the first film


Apparently Eden as well but I havent seen


I enjoyed ‘It Comes At Night’ which came out last year


Thought Pride was incredibly uplifting with a really great cast (Joseph Gilgun in particular). Just one of those films that I knew I was always going to enjoy tbh.


The closing captions in Pride where they tell you what happened to the characters ;______;


Teaser for Paolo Sorrentino’s new film. Despite the English title, no giant ants as far as I can tell though


Yeah that was a real gut punch especially when you found out what happened to Mark Ashton


C’mon sheeldz, Olympus is much better, it’s got our very own Gerry butler with a fine American accent. Boom, straight outta paisley :slight_smile:


The Jungle book (recent remake) - actually thought this was pretty decent, looked great. I did miss proper renditions of the sings though.


Got back from seeing You Were Never Really Here - bloody hell and I mean that in a good way. Mumbling in films aside (which I hate), it was decent, some of the violence was quite shocking in places. The directing was beautiful though, it looked amazing. Loved the score as well, definitely picking that up.


Bloody hell, Annihilation’s good. It’s like the psychedelic Alien. It has the same sense of biology frighteningly out of kilter but in a much more flamboyant and colourful way. Simultaneously distancing and involving, it’s one of the most unsettlingly brilliant movies I’ve seen in a long time. weird refracted number/10.

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