2018 March Film DiScussion Thread


without spoiling it can you say how violent it is/what sort of violence?


I’m miffed they left out that Mark Ashton was a communist so they could sell it to the USA


It’s more occasional graphic injury detail than anything else, most of the violence takes place off screen or you only see glimpses or via CCTV footage or stuff.


it was better before he digitally added a whole scene where Richard Dreyfuss takes his hot rod to be looked at by a crew of singing Gungan mechanics


You want actual good films right, because you’re being recommended a lot of stupid nonsense here.

Minority Report was a lot, lot better than I was expecting it to be. Mission Impossible 3 is the only good one.


Pretty much none of em. Lots of mumbling, cast who haven’t washed for a month, occasional cannibalism (sometimes on motorbikes), bleak endings. Struggling to think of a good one.

Doomsday is the worst of them. Awful.


Yeah this. There was also the two gunshot bits, the first actually made me jump


You don’t rate the first one?! Agree about Minority Report though - it was probably the last Spielberg film I actually really liked.


Loved it, too. Fantastic cast, stunning visuals, trippy ending, felt very Lovecraftian at times. Yes!


I finally managed to see Lady Bird last night. Freaked out everybody in the cinema by sobbing and wailing nearly the entire way through.


Not really, it’s been a while since I’ve seen it. It’s more that the third one caught me by surprise with how good it was after being a bit indifferent to the first two. I really didn’t like the one that goes to Dubai, was it Rogue Nation? It gets very confusing when you have long film series that aren’t numbered.


Saw I, Tonya last night. Brilliant. Somehow manages to be hilarious and properly sad at the same time. The whole cast is superb, but Paul Walter Hauser steals ever scene he’s in, channeling Napoleon Dynamite via Eric Cartman. So good.


Between Hauser, Vicky Krieps, and Winston Duke (M’Baku in Black Panther), there’s been some great breakout performances of late



  • Sweet country
  • You were never really here
  • Barca vs. Chelsea

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What’s most incredible about Hauser’s performance is how it manages to be a fantastic comedy turn, while also being uncannily close to the truth. I went down a real Eckhardt wormhole last night. Very sad story, the weirdest part was finding out that he was sent up by Chris Farley on SNL too.


Film student free MUBI sent me an email giving me a free pass to a screening of Have A Nice Day, which I’d not heard of but am intrigued by.

Thanks, MUBI. ThUBI.


Also haven’t really made my mind up about You Were Never Really Here. Lots about it that I absolutely loved, but I also found it hard to fully buy into. I just didn’t find the premise very believable. Which I’m fine with, but when a film is this gritty… I dunno.




The studio thought the ending was too out there and were unable to convince Alex Garland (and a producer who had final cut) to change it so worrying it would lose money as a cinema release they sold the international rights to Netflix.


Haven’t decided on You Were Never Really Here as a whole (totally gripped to start with but seemed to lose steam towards the last third) but the soundtrack and score was amazing. Totally blew me away and made a really fucking weird, disjointed film flow pretty smoothly.