2018 March Film DiScussion Thread

CMBYN would like a word


You should add Call Me By Your Name to this list too


Get on with it, CMBYN!
(just copied the first list sorry pals)

“Of the year” being last year and also the first bit of this year?

You’ve missed out three films! I want to vote for Darkest Hour.

The Oscar year, yeah

Yeah, Phantom Thread is probably my fave then, doesn’t get close to Moonlight or Manchester by the Sea though.

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I will be - will make a thread on Sunday.

Fell asleep about half an hour before Best Picture last year, what an error.

Phantom thread is probably the ‘best’. Think I loved Florida project more though

Yeah, I loved The Florida Project more than most of the other nominees, loved God’s Own Country, Lady Macbeth and A Ghost Story as well and would have those four in there ahead of Three Billboards, Call Me By Your Name, Dunkirk and Darkest Hour (although I’ve not seen it)

started to watch Mumon: Land of Stealth … but less than 10 minutes in I learned that I prefer my warring ninja kingdom films to be i) serious ii) not full of incredibly irritating characters played by j-pop stars. Haven’t given up on anything that quickly in a while

might have to do some research into ‘serious’ ninja films

watched Bloody Sunday on mubi the other day, it’s good and sad and made me very angry

Wonder Wheel is Woody Allen-by-numbers.

Peter Rabbit looks horrible.


i see moana has covered this already

I just copied kiyone’s list.

what film won last month’s thread?

That one


A Fantastic Woman looks really great

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The Av Club review of Peter Rabbit has confirmed my suspicion that it’s going to be crap