2018 March Film DiScussion Thread

It is meant to be pretty crappy, though The AV Club is pretty crappy itself these days…

they’ve just made a film about a cartoon rabbit and taken the name off a book that already exists, doubt there are any other similarities.

also james corden does the voice so obviously it’ll be horrendous

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I thought the trailer for Tomb Raider looked pretty good, was not interested in it before but it looked promising.

I know the bar for video game adaptations is pretty low but as Lara Croft is essentially a female Indiana Jones it’s not necessarily a foregone conclusion that it’ll be terrible. The presence of Alicia Vikander should raise expectations, surely (unless this is her Catwoman / Aeon Flux, let’s hope not).


And Walton Goggins!


I cannot fucking wait to see You Were Never Really Here, I hope it’s really fucking horrible


Oh for sure Alicia Vikander looks to be very well cast. I have no doubt she could carry a high quality action film. It just looked like everything and everyone else (well, fucking Dominic West. Walton Goggins is usually great but didn’t do it for me in the trailer) is the usual old shit.
I hope I’m wrong.

also I broke my Liam Neeson rule and watched Non Stop with my housemates after we came in from the pub last night cos we wanted to watch a dumb action film and holy shit did it make me angry.


am I the only one completely bemused by the resurrection of this absolutely dead franchise

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could almost say the producers were robbing graves, or indeed… hahaha… chortle… TOMB RAIDERS!!

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there’s been a new game in recent years innit, might as well reboot the films, they’re rebooting absolutely everything else

Could have said that about Jumanji, and look what happened. This isn’t going to make a billion dollars by any means, but you never know what will strike gold I guess

I think putting the Rock and Jack Black into a film is enough of a sign that Hollywood were absolutely determined Jumanji absolutely COULD NOT FAIL for some reason

Even Dwayne Johnson can’t save everything! coughBaywatchcough

Tell that to Vincent Kennedy McMahon Junior.

You’re not going to be disappointed.

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The last couple of years have seen a number of very welcome and decent female led action films. There is definitely room for an Indiana Jones-type film as unless I’m mistaken I’m not there’s ever been a female explorer/action hero type character. It doesn’t need to carry the Tomb Raider name but that’s the world we live in, almost every film of a significant budget is tied to an existing property in some way.

It could be yet another re-tread of a franchise that everybody had forgotten about, like Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles or whatever. But it might not be.

In a couple of months time I’ll probably be made to look like a complete idiot, but mostly due to the involvement of Alicia Vikander (and a decent trailer), I’m interested.

I guess I’m just sorely burnt (still) from going to see the original film when it was in the cinemas (fucking hell)

Oooh God’s Own Country on the 31st.