2018 March Film DiScussion Thread


Thanks! That was fun to read!

So The Master sounds the best on that basis? It is a lot of people’s favourite PTA (that or There Will Be Blood) would definitely recommend those two first but they are all worth watching


Watched Game Night, good fun actually. Some nice twists and turns and the action scenes are entertaining. Has a few of the ol Hollywood trappings but you forgive it


Watched American Honey in two installments. I can imagine this would be a film that would be pretty marmite for most people but despite that I wouldn’t say it was marmite for me.

Didn’t love it but thought it was well put together and was really evocative of that sense of going with the flow/making terrible risky decisions as a young person. At the same time throughout there was this underlying tension and concern that one of Star’s choices would massively backfire. And in context the music was fucking brilliant despite some of it also being really terrible, weird I know.

Hard to say who I would recommend it to but I enjoyed the ride.


Don’t hate me but I genuinely thought Paddington 2 was one of the best family(?) films I’ve seen in ages. Reminded me of Amelie or maybe Wes Anderson in places. Wouldn’t be a movie I would touch with a bargepole normally but it definitely felt very cross-generational rather than aimed at kids.


Saw it recently and enjoyed it a lot. Sasha Lane is terrific. Even Shia Lebeouf isn’t terrible.


This isn’t all the categories but…

Best Picture
Will win: The Shape of Water
Should win: Dunkirk

Best Director
Will win: Guillermo del Toro
Should win: Christopher Nolan

Best Actor
Will win: Gary Oldman (arghhh)
Should win: Timothee Chalamet

Best Actress
Will win: Frances McDormand
Should win: Sally Hawkins

Best Supporting Actor
Will win: Sam Rockwell (though if there’s going to be a shock at all, I guess it could be here)
Should win: Willem Dafoe

Best Supporting Actress
Will win: Allison Janney
Should win: Lesley Manville

Best Original Screenplay
Will win: Three Billboards
Should win: Lady Bird

Best Adapted Screenplay
Will win: Call Me By Your Name
Should win: Call Me By Your Name

Best Animated Film
Will win: Coco

Best Foreign Language Film
Will win: A Fantastic Woman

Best Original Score
Will win: The Shape of Water
Should win: Phantom Thread

Best Original Song
Will win: This is Me
Should win: Mystery of Love


Ahhmmm oot


I saw it at the Prince Charles last year (I dunno where you live but they do it regularly, if you’re ever in/near London), it was s t u n n i n g.


Mate everyone loves the Paddington films, even the dead-insides on here like me.


Looking forward to You Were Never Really Here.

Disappointed that Annihilation is going to be a netflix only release, I would quite like to see it in the cinema!


It’s miles better than all the other nominees.


p-brads weighs in


Best picture

Will win: The Shape of Water
Should win: Get Out
Shoulda been a contender: Coco

Best director

Will win: Guillermo del Toro for The Shape of Water
Should win: Paul Thomas Anderson for Phantom Thread
Shoulda been a contender: Luca Guadagnino for Call Me By Your Name

Best actor

Will win: Gary Oldman for Darkest Hour
Should win: Daniel Day-Lewis for Phantom Thread
Shoulda been a contender: Makis Papadimitrou for Suntan

Best actress

Will win: Frances McDormand for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Should win: Saoirse Ronan for Lady Bird
Shoulda been a contender: Kristen Stewart for Personal Shopper

Best supporting actor

Will win: Sam Rockwell for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Should win: Willem Dafoe for The Florida Project
Shoulda been a contender: Michael Stuhlbarg for Call Me By Your Name

Best supporting actress

Will win: Allison Janney for I, Tonya
Should win: Laurie Metcalf for Lady Bird
Shoulda been a contender: Catherine Keener for Get Out

Best animated feature

Will win: Coco
Should win: Coco
Shoulda been a contender: Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

Best adapted screenplay

Will win: James Ivory for Call Me By Your Name
Should win: James Ivory for Call Me By Your Name
Shoulda been a contender: Gaby Chiappe for Their Finest

Best original screenplay

Will win: Guillermo del Toro and Vanessa Taylor for The Shape of Water
Should win: Greta Gerwig for Lady Bird
Shoulda been a contender: Noah Baumbach for The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)

Best cinematography

Will win: Roger Deakins for Blade Runner 2049
Should win: Roger Deakins for Blade Runner 2049
Shoulda been a contender: M David Mullen for The Love Witch

Best documentary

Will win: Icarus
Should win: Abacus: Small Enough to Jail
Shoulda been a contender: City of Ghosts

Best foreign language film

Will win: On Body and Soul
Should win: Loveless
Shoulda been a contender: The Handmaiden


Fucks sake, Shape of Water is actually going to win stuff isn’t it?


I feel like the good thing about the Best Film category is that whatever wins I’ll still feel like one of the others should have won


For me, the elephant in the room is The Florida Project. Really odd that it wasn’t nominated for Best Picture, as it is streets ahead of nearly every other movie on the list.


Yeah Anthony Michael Hall’s character pretty much made my skin crawl throughout the movie. Weird also how that Samantha somewhat gets completely sidelined for the final third of the movie and her arc gets resolved in like the final few minutes.


I liked Dunkirk but it was a bit throwaway


Yeah i’m hoping for something similar up here (Manchester).


Yeah i can’t believe it wasn’t nomianted. It’s the straight-up out and out classic that seems to be getting lost on the shuffle.


went to see lady bird the other night and I think the praise is very justified. the way the relationship with her mother is uncovered over the course of the film is just really subtle and gave expression to a set of emotional tensions that I really recognise.

saw the shape of water last night which I wasn’t a huge fan of and I really didnt like some of the gruesome bits (but thats just me being squeamish and sentimental). I also have a thing against actors playing similar roles as I cant shake off the knowledge of the other context (Michael Shannon in boardwalk empire).