2018 March Film DiScussion Thread


also fyi apparently red sparrow has lots of graphic scenes of torture, sexual assault and other violence. wasn’t planning on seeing it anyway but good to know when seeing something at the cinema I think.


Shape of Water is tonally very weird and feels amateurish in places


pls expand


The ballroom scene I thought was very badly done, there was no proper segue into it at all and the creature thing really did just look like a man in a suit, broke the immersion a lot. Also found it really jarring when the film upholds the sanctity of life and all that, then once of the good guys randomly kills a security guard who was just doing his job and nothing is made of it at all. Didn’t fit with the story




can’t remember the bit with the security guard (did the russian guy kill him?) but felt pretty weird after the cat died, not sure what that says about me


Yeah, Stuhlbarg’s character kills the security guard


yeah that part made me cry and just want the film to be over


Gonna watch Michael. Hope it’s good.


the Travolta film?!


I assume they mean


Someone’s in for a grim evening.


Michael (2011)
Yeah ngl that was bleak as fuck. One of the most disturbing things I’ve seen in a long time and I’m not easily perturbed. Think it may have slightly overstepped a line at some points despite not being very graphic or explicit. Basically just a relentless pit of despair/10



Inclusion of this felt a bit Lanthimos-esque, sort of a weird attempt to inject some black humour long after the horse had bolted.


Watching John Wick.

It’s about as bad as I expected although it’s possible that Lt Daniels is saving it @guntrip


wtf theo!


I think I aspire to a bit more than just people shooting each other in wildly over-choreographed ways in my films.


Couple things I watched by chance really: Christine, which was a really well-studied demonstration of personal catastrophe. And Midnight Special, which was so good it surprised me. Can’t help but compare it to Stranger Things, which was just nostalgia-bait to me, whereas this evoked the spirit of some classic films, but actually pulled it off without seeming derivative. Homage done right I guess?


Theo please don’t tag me in things so absolutely wrong thanks