2018 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread




do people still like nicki minaj
i love this


I would say that I don’t think Cardi would appreciate that review on her Amazon page but, given much of the lyrical content, I couldn’t be 100% sure that’s the case


Ooooh everyone get excited! … Everyone?

Never heard of an album called Views, pal


Couple of new things I’m listening to currently…


It’s good but this one is better. Love the beat.


Fuck sampling underground/marginalised artists for a little borrowed cool. If he really rated Big Freedia he’d give her a feature and make sure she got paid. Would help stopping me falling asleep during the song too.


100% agree with the sentiment whilst simultaneously recognising the irony of sitting indoors on a beautiful sunny afternoon posting about it on the internet:


Edan needs to put a new album out. He’s great.


Looking forward to the new P-Brothers EP…


So this is amazing, isn’t it? Deffo my fave rap/hip-hop album so far this year. Should be getting far more love.

Eltron is pretty much how I imagine Discobot speaks


love Nov, need to spin this


@DarwinBabe got me into this


It’s decent, but was hoping it’d be a bit weirder. Can’t find a list of who did the beats, but was hoping for an album of Mumdance type stuff and this isn’t really that.


entirely self-produced


OC tiny desk concert




Was thinking about picking some OC for the listening club. Fucking love him


Starchild and Jewelz are both on the shortlist


apparently he had a new album a couple of months ago. who knew. these boom bap vets get desperately little coverage these days