2018 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


Yeah, he did one with Apathy. Only heard about it because he was on that Take It Personal podcast.

Apathy isn’t bad, but just someone I can’t be arsed listening to in 2018 no matter how much I like OC.


Nice. Just playing this now…


This is another new one I think. Hadn’t heard of the Apathy one either


Oh right! Wow. I’ll check it out but just inundated with rap music at the moment. The one with Apathy is called Perestroika.


This is great. Day One is such a classic.


Been getting some good reviews from what I’ve seen. And Jean Grae gets a lot of love here. You should check out the listening club thread.


I tried the listening club for the first couple of entries and gave up to be honest. Don’t doubt the sincerity of the posters in it but I routinely found myself wondering if I was listening to the same albums. Did like the Jean Grey and Mobb Depp ones though.

Wasn’t enjoying myself and didn’t have anything useful to contribute so I tuned out.


hey we’re just about to start up round 3 of the listening club next week, final pick of round 2 is tomorrow. if you want i can get you in the mix and you can make your (first of many) pick next week? cmon we need new blood and we dont bite, just do it.



I genuinely wouldn’t have anything interesting to pick. My hip-hop resume doesn’t extend much at all beyond the canon. As an indie rock bore by upbringing I struggle with releases that rely just on the beats and the flow - I need hooks and something going on instrumentally (I 100% accept this is a failing on my part)

Will get back into reading the thread and listening to the picks though


one could say, you’re…



I’ve never dug a grave in my life, pal :wink:


what c’mon this is a great part of rap, we all love these things. and we accept canon picks!


I didn’t mean that you didn’t too - just other people seem to have a lot more love for tracks which are almost just drums and vocals, and I generally struggle with those ones


all questions answered here:


Don’t think I’m explaining myself very well here - back to the discussion of The new Jean Grae!

Is that a sample of Clay Davis in Ohsh? :smiley:



my fav part about being a warriors fan is seeing e40 at just about every home game. he also performed at steph’s 30th bday party while curry sat on the stage dancing and eating ribs. guy fieri is a major hiphop fan too.


That U-God book arrived the other week and I started it the other day. It’s not that well written but it’s a real page turner - just a stream of tales from NYC in the 80s and 90s and how he met up with the rest of the Clan. He had a brutal upbringing. Found myself thinking “Oh… so that’s what that lyric means” several times so far (rec room era, smoking Woolies, various 5% terminology).


Nas is cancelled