2018 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


This could be a very fun pairing, they should do a full lenght.


Hardly want to listen to this even though I should :disappointed:


pretty much this. really, really gutted if it’s true. obviously heart goes out to Kelis.


No details, but it’s always sad to hear about a life ended prematurely.


Sad to hear. Love dälek. Very underrated group imo.


GZA NPR Tiny Desk Show

He looks/sounds slightly stilted or something? Still pretty good though. Living In The World Today is my favourite GZA track.


i think he just feels a bit awkward?


Possibly. Quite intimate show I suppose?


yeah also the way he seems to think he needs to bend down into the mic is probably putting him off. he just looks like someone’s dad there as well :smiley:


genuinely excited for a three part Rae Sremmurd album


i’m looking forward to someone making a 10-track best of out of it at least


i didn’t realise he’d volunteered


Stay tuned for the Definitive DiS Hot Take on Sremmlife III at some point next week


yippee- the stretch and bobbito movie is on film4 Friday night/ Saturday morning- someone remind me on friday please


Nice one!


Here’s ‘Nav’s Official Edit of SR3MM Into Ten Tracks for the More Casual Rae Sremmurd Fans of Drowned In Sound . Com’

Perplexing Pegasus
Bedtime Stories
Hurt to Look
Anti-Social Smokers Club
Changed Up

Bonus Track:
Close feat. Travis Scott

Bonus Track (Japan Import only)
Post Malone feat. Swae Lee - Spoil My Night


I started SR3MM and got bored halfway through, need to finish the rest soon. triple albums whyyyy




Yeah thinking i’ll just fire up this tracklist to start. thx nav


did you not even dig Welcome to the Soil 4-6?

edit: no pun intended