2018 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


prob wasnt in the right mindset. also my car’s been in the shop so listening to rap without the bumps just makes me want to listen to podcasts.



What kind of shit idea is this


DMX was so dammed cool man. what a voice.


Why oh why.

Oh - I finished that U-God book. Rambling and weird but worth a read. Anecdotes about him learning to snowboard whilst high we’re unexpected.


if they put Lil Yachty in this there’s going to be a rap civil war


Can we all agree just to pretend this isn’t even happening?


Genuinely think it might be the worst idea that anyone has ever had by some distance


Steve Rifkind… Gets the gasface.


this is tonight on film4


A total, 100%, must-see. I went to a showing with Stretch and Bobbito doing an Q&A afterwards and I bottled out of asking a question which I have regretted ever since.

When they play the lost Biggie freestyle over the Cypress Hill beat I got actual goosebumps.


this is a bad idea. BUT im kind of intrigued with who they would actually pick for this?


imagine Protect Ya Neck crossed with this

(joke loses some effect by the fact Denzel Curry is really good)


gonna be the new generation of wu affiliates with two of their kids or something isn’t it


I mean I guess this goes here (but it ain’t hip hop as you might expect)


hey guys this isn’t rap music but it’s actually really good


Noted! Adding to my queue, behind all the Pharcyde albums, the new Take It Personal Podcast (Roc Marciano episode) and this (quite dull) Doppelgangaz album.




This is out and is really good, albeit only three tracks.


New Gates EP is very good. Shame it’s only three tracks but looking forward to more stuff from him this year.