2018 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread





Wasn’t expecting that!




Way more hyped for a new record than I thought I was now (despite loving Malibu)


any Junglepussy chat anywhere?
enjoying her latest one a lot


Quite like this. Don’t know anything about either artist.

Same sample Non-Phixion (Necro?) used on Four Ws


yeah this is good. gangsta boo sounds great on this they should do a collab album


heard that one l’orange did with kool keith, was alright.


this is great, love push :smiley:

looking forward to this album a lot… assuming it actually comes out…


Out tomorrow! I’m a little bit concerned that after like 4 years of working on this, they’ve whittled it down to just 7 tracks to fit with Kanye’s weird 7-track aesthetic. Though obviously if they’re all absolute gold then I’ve got no problem will all killer no filler

As a side, him saying the Nas record is “2008 Nas” is a bit worrying. Untitled is his worst album for me and I can’t remember anyone saying they wished he’d go back to that :confused:


i think he says ‘2028 nas’ ?! i guess he means he’s in the future… or some shit. i am seriously not bothered about a new nas album…


oh right. that makes more sense

I actually think Nas has a good, largely consistent discography beyond Illmatic but many will disagree


22 minutes long apparently. That’s barely an album


think these were good to listen to but ultimately dont see them having any staying power, for me anyway.


for some reason im way less interested in the rapper version of paak


I think both are great. The free jazz track won’t get too much airing but Me&My will stick around for me

That said, it’s very personal music. You get the feeling he didn’t make it for anyone else really


Daytona is great :grinning:

edit: just got to the bit where Kanye drops another ‘poop scoop’


Very much feels like this has come out of nowhere. A fucking amazing surprise though, hyped for the album.


Yupppp. As I said in the other thread, I do wish there was more of it, and Kanye’s verse is weirdly out of place on an album that should not have a single misstep. Otherwise, straight fya.

Think Ye’s statement this summer is gonna be “Look, I’m still a producer”. As a result, I was kinda expecting him to overcook it in an effort to show off, but he’s relatively restrained and lets Pusha do his thing. And boy does he drop some great verses on this :smiley:


Yeah, this is fun