2018 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


think it’s three tracks too short but I guess that’s better than three tracks too long. liking it a lot though


I like Pusha T, and I think 7 tracks is a perfect album length for him.

Having said that, the album is still quite forgettable. But I blame that on the totally vanilla production. I’d like to hear him over something grimier, or something a little sparser/clinical. It’d never happen, but imagine him over some of the more left field UK grime guys - like Mumdance.


Been listening to this a lot the last few days. Not really checked much of his stuff before but saw Ka tweeting about his so gave it a go. Very dope.


oh shit I love Nickelus F

this is one of my favourite releases of his, collaboration with Shawn Kemp (Lil Ugly Mane). actually think Trick Dice might be one of the real overlooked gems from the past decade in rap

Clusterfuck is one of my favourite rap beats ever and his verse is heavy

Triflin’ album was also a solid listen


edit: originally posted a clip by mistake.


Haha. Yeah - with Pusha toasting over the top like MC GQ. Was thinking more like the beats he did for Novelist.


I get what you mean, but I disagree the production is vanilla. Let’s be honest if it wasn’t Kanye it wouldn’t be Mumdance but the Neptunes, Timbaland, Hit Boi, Diddy, Swizz Beats etc. doing kinda-minimal beats and he’s sounded as good or better over Yeezy beats than anything else since HHNF, as he does here


Yeah, didn’t mean to sound like a old contrarian but, well, I am one. If I had my way he’d just make albums that all sounded like Grindin’ and Hello New World. I just think his style and subject matter works so much better with stuff that’s really pared back.


Would be great trolling if Kanye now made the Nas album 19 tracks long and full of pointless skits


wasn’t gonna bother with the new A$AP Rocky cos… I haven’t listened to any of his music since 2012 but Kode9 tweeted out the Dean Blunt produced tracks so I figured I’d at least give them a go.

Rocky has to be the most meaningless rapper of all time. every line is just some random mumbled words thrown together. it actually hurts my head to listen to him.

EDIT: also i just randomly clicked on a track as I clicked post here and holy shit it’s a fucking Moby sample :smiley:


That whole crew is pretty boring. I quite like Clams Casino and still enjoy the tracks he did of that first album but, yeah. Can’t imagine I’ll bother with the new album.


might scratch through it for any highlights, there were a few decent songs on his last album. Second finding A$AP a bit dull in general, apart from Ferg who I consistently enjoy


yeah ferg is by far the most interesting out of that lot, still think Shabba is a beast of a tune.

i saw about 2 mins of an interview yesterday where Rocky says he thinks he’s the best artist in the world. incredible when you contrast it with Pusha really.


The man just seems so A&R’d


Big time. Wasn’t there that semi-secret group of influencers a few years ago that were instrumental in him breaking through? I know that was basically Yams thing. I can’t remember the details now, but I’m sure him and Kitty Pryde were the rumoured artists that they pushed despite being bang average.


let me just stop you right there


this interview is very interesting


yeah, the wavery. think they were behind yung lean as well


Was/is she good?? I’ll be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever listened.


Yes. That’s the one.