2018 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread




Ferg >>>>>>>> Rocky for sure


Do enjoy a mutually beneficial beef that just happens to spring up right in the middle of everyone’s album cycle


Shoved Numbers on the Board, Lunch Money and Nosetalgia on the end of Daytona as bonus cuts so it can ride out a bit longer


Feel like Lunch Money in particular fits so well. Underrated track.


Pusha T’s Drake dis is… pretty brutal.


yah oof


I think as you get older, some of the closer to the bone stuff is harder to listen to. Having a pop at someone suffering from MS… I think I draw the line at that. :neutral_face:


Yeah Christ, he had plenty of material there without resorting to that


Oof. The 40 line’s tough but Push sounds very happy being the bad guy here - and I guess Drake opened that door…

Some really good lines buried in this, and I bet to some extent they’re both loving it/will come out better than they went in. Drake gets some grit in his image and T blows up.


It’s the first time in ages that I’ve been interested in any hip hop beef. Looking forward to what Drake responds with, and don’t think I’ve ever said that about his music.


“draw the line” It’s a fecking rap feud, not woke Twitter :laughing:




Posting here since before 808s when drake meant Sir Francis Drake. Or at least Drake Bell.

I am your OG and will be respected as such.


Great crossover with the football threads here.


Hip hop twitter is very amusing this evening.


Just heard about a Camp Lo show in London! On a Monday though.

Mon Jul 2 2018



Ooh! I literally only know Uptown Saturday Night, other stuff worth checking out before I pull the trigger on tickets for this?


That and the reissue they did a year or so ago is the only stuff I know to be honest. Have a feeling they’ll be playing some new stuff…


What the fuck did Drake think would happen beefing with an actual rapper?? I feel like Push was prepared for this, he baited Drake and Drake arrogantly strode right into the trap. This may be over the top brutal but its one of the best diss tracks in a long time.