2018 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


Yeah im all for it. im w chairman that i havent cared about a rapper v rapper dis track in a long time so it was good to hear someone actually land some punches. the best dis tracks are supposed to make you wince a bit. i was reminded this morning of my last favorite dis track which was dj quik vs… his own sister, which is absolutely brutaaall


very harsh on meek, this,


their 2nd album is a v mixed bag but i kinda love it. no one heard it since lt flopped by all accounts. ski beatz produced 90% of it like their debut, but he seemed to be a little out of great ideas by this point (somewhat got his groove back with pilot talk I and II years later).

Glow is a top 5 camp lo track

this beat is so good

I like a lot of the stuff theyve done since but it’s not essential listening by any stretch,


I mean he did get beaten by Drake… Pusha showing how its done.


Black Thought and 9th Wonder :+1:


This is good. The first two tracks are fucking great.


This is great. Struggling to keep up with stuff at the moment. Lots of interesting stuff coming out.


Didn’t even know it existed till this morning, great surprise


Enjoying this. Really like ELUCID at the moment. He also has a new Armand Hammer thing coming out soon. Rome is one of my favourite albums in recent years. Like a modern Cold Vein.


Great performance of If You Know You Know here: https://youtube.com/watch?v=zGchOptfU-Q


Did you guys like the Dynospectrum? Slug from Atmosphere, I Self Devine, beats by Ant. Was never a huge Atmosphere fan, but loved this album. Had a really weird vibe to it. Great production.

Anyway. It’s getting a reissue.


Some great stuff on the new Jay Rock record


Seems that Blackstar/Pharcyde/Hypnotic Brass Ensemble gig was cancelled

Edit: just moved, I think, my bad


Enjoying the new stuff from Freddie Gibbs and Westside Gunn.


don’t feel even slightly up to date this year, but been enjoying this solo outing from one of the Underachievers quite a bit

full tape is free on datpiff http://www.datpiff.com/AKTHESAVIOR-Second-2-None-mixtape.901235.html


this is good fun from the guys behind Fela Soul and Bizarre Tribe 2 The Pharcyde… lovingly crafted bootleg remixes


Double album from Drake. Sure that’ll be quality front to back


Did anyone ever listen to More Life? I know it’s lame but I basically enjoyed Take Care, Nothing Was The Same and IYRTIATL, but Views was SO boring I couldn’t even stick it as a production mood piece.


havent listened to a full drake album since take care tbf


can’t imagine listening to this one through unless it gets real high praise. brevity was never exactly Drake’s strong point but i think since views he’s very much settled on a no. of tracks = streams = $$$ formula, with an added element of throwing enough shit so that something sticks. not one of the last 3 albums has clocked in under 80 minutes. and it doesn’t seem to be as a result of him having a glut of new stuff to say