2018 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


I don’t think I have… ever listened to a Drake album.


Listened this morning - it’s dull dull dull. 3 or 4 passable tracks (mainly down to cool production), with Nice For What being the clear winner, whether you like that or not. So many corny Drake cliches it’s funny.

Only interesting thing is him, as expected, confirming that kid’s his - which is just a victory lap for Pusha.


Struggling with a hangover at work and scorpion is legit sending me to sleep.


Sorry about what in hindsight was very ‘Yer Da’ post.

Currently enjoying the chat in the Hip Hop Classics thread which has resulted in me listening to lots of Mobb Deep cuts on YouTube, which led me to this guy from Ohio making quite dusty street rap in the vein of Roc Marciano et al.


i really like this even though I have sweet F.A. idea what he’s saying

my spanish friend translated the really nice mellow breakdown in the middle as

‘i woke up today really happy even though they are talking shit about me,
fuck it fuck it hey, fuck it fuck it hey’


best rap video dog since DMX


definitely the first foreign language rapper i’ve ever really been into. i remember someone trying to get me into some french rappers like MC Solaar when I was younger but not really warming to it


Loving the City Girls album. They have amazing charisma and interplay. Gloriously filthy.

“Keep on thinking your N***a faithful, I’ll cum in his mouth”


this is basically what you’d expect until it gets to Offset, who I think is a very underrated rapper


GZA playing London, Dublin and Leicester end of August. Anyone know of any other dates?


Yeah. Saw this. Might go but only back from holiday that morning.

Have seen GZA solo twice. Once was excellent (at Brixton Mass with some b-teamer. Want to say Killah Priest). The other was so very, very bad (Koko doing Liquid Swords, pissed out of his head. I left early).


Chilling in the garden listening to this.


listening to this at work

98 really was a vintage year wasn’t it


You ever listen to The Rub Radio mixes?


I haven’t but I will do now, looks ideal, thanks


Hello, not sure whether this is an old or new track but 36 mins into this mix, anyone able to identify the artist and track?



How do you listen to archived shows? I thought if you miss it live then it’s gone.


you used to be able to listen to all the archives but they had to stop that sadly. but anyway, on the front page there’s a tab for available shows, there’s 4 on there atm so I’m assuming that’ll mean you have a month from when it airs



Something really irks me about the multiple single drop. Fine if some are B-sides but otherwise make a decision!