2018 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


big fan of the new Denzel Curry


Haven’t seen the Marlowe album that Lauren Laverne was raving about this morning mentioned here, so thought I’d share this:


Yes, noticed she’d been playing one of his tracks loads recently. Enjoyed the album but I think Lost Arts (the one she played loads) is still the standout. Tove the sample they used.


This is great!


Edan and Homeboy Sandman album incoming!


new Starlito album is beautiful, sombre summer listening though


Couple of new things I’ve picked up.

Nostrum Grocers (milo and Elucid)


Knowledge the Pirate - Flintlock. Bit of a poor mans Roc Marciano, but I’m still enjoying it. And Roc Marciano is on it.


Enjoying this album too, especially the opening 3 tracks


Can’t find a link yet but there’s a re-interpolation of Dreams by Biggie on the new Nicki Minaj album ‘Queen’, where she ‘disses’ loads of male rappers, and it’s hilarious

Desiigner and DJ Khaled take the biggest hits I think


this album is great btw. new yg is also quite good


Another Nicki Minaj album with many stellar highs but Scorpion levels of filler at the same time :pensive::man_shrugging:t2::pensive:


Yup, maddeningly inconsistent. Like her whole career TBH. Worst this time as it’s been 4 years between albums - you’d think that’d be plenty of time to add a bit of polish and drop the crap.

The album got held up whilst she tried unsuccessfully to convince Tracy Chapman to clear a Fast Car sample. It ended up leaking and it’s clearly been rejected on the grounds that the song is utter gash.


What’s the track called? Interested in having a listen. She should’ve just sampled it without asking, like Nice N Smooth.


My bad, it was “baby can i hold you tonight”. Track is called Sorry and was up on youtube for a bit. Seems to be gone now. Sure it’ll be out there somewhere but wouldn’t waste too much time hunting it down!


So Ice-T and Katie Hopkins beefing on Twitter is quite… weird.


Yes. Know this’ll be an AOTY for me.


this is good. production a bit different to ka’s normal stuff, busier


there’s a few gems on the new Young Thug compilation / label sampler. this one is a real earworm


if you don’t find something oddly comforting about this in 2018 we’re on a slightly different wavelength