2018 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


yeah I quite like Uzi, think Lil Uzi vs. the World is maybe even my favourite release from that particular universe of rap. Thought his album last year was really bloated and could have been basically reduced to a really great 5 song EP:

  1. Two
  2. The Way Life Goes
  3. Neon Guts
  4. Early 20 Rager
  5. How to Talk

Chuck XO Tour Life on the end even though everyone had heard it 1 billion times by then


yall i havent listened to anything new yet this year :confused:
my subwoofer in my car went out and listening to rap on there w out it is super depressing. must get it repaired.


any DiSers in America need to go that full TDE lineup tour that got announced today, smdh


massive props to mozzy


Nice Sade and Mobb Deep remix thing by J.Rocc


This was a very interesting read. Semi-related, but did you see the Louis Theroux doc about opiates in the US? Bit of an eye-opener. For me anyway.


Yo @kyle and @theShipment, as if Culture II wasn’t already an hour too long you’ve added it to the HH playlist twice :wink:

Length aside there is some good stuff in there, just nigh impossible to get through in one sitting. Stir Fry still bangs; I think Narcos, Too Much Jewellery (great Zaytoven beat) Open It Up (great Cardo beat) and Made Men are my other favourites. So much unnecessary stuff you could cut though, though I guess Migos have always been a singles rather than album band for me anyway.


I’m really gutted by how fucking long it is because the first Culture album had almost no filler and was actually pretty great as an album, imo. Culture II feels like a mixtape because it’s so long and unfocused. With this and the Quality Control comp that dropped late last year I suspect they’re trying to flood the market to get their streaming numbers / revenue up a la Chris Brown and his 50 song allbum

this was probably the highlight from QC for me



Takeoff the star of this one I think. Might be because I’m slightly tiring of Quavo and Offset after they were on absolutely everything last year. That’s a nice track though, missed this tape.


I like Payroll Giovanni a lot (ex-Doughboyz Cashout), new tape out with Cardo

I enjoy this series a lot too


payroll is the first album ive listened to this year. love it. dude is so consistent.


thought you might enjoy, he’s got that classy bounce




Droop-E did it first (and best)


t_d !


Tried to push this in my failed 2018 hip-hop thread - it’s great, isn’t it? The run of the first 4 tracks is lovely stuff


Now I just need to listen to some actual 2018 hip-hop so I can contribute.


Maxo & Payroll are vying for my new Curren$y spot - always consistent and enjoyable


asap rocky and dean blunt is a good fit, I think…