2018 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


Yes. There is a bit more going on, although only had a couple of listens. Doesn’t matter who he works with though, there is a very clear sound that he seems to go for.


Nice one. Already loving this on the first listen. He’s really one of the most consistent rap artists there is when it comes to albums. Also 32 minutes is just a perfect length.


Loving this. Considerably warmer feel than his solo stuff. Nice late summer/autumn vibes


This is out on the 30th. I’ve pre-ordered, but did download a vinyl rip and gave it a few spins. Very good. Really like them as a pairing. Like having a new Cannibal Ox.


Excited for Joey Purp’s new mixtape on Friday. Still regularly listen to tunes from iiidrops



Enjoying this Elcamino guy. Food Lordz sounds like a vintage era RZA beat.


Mac Miller dead. Christ.


Awful. Had a heart stopping moment on twitter as Chance was talking about meeting Earl through him and I momentarily thought he was dead too.


Just got round to scorpion there, listened to the first half. Must be one of the worst things I have heard in a long time. His voice is so unpleasant, the beats are so nondescript and his lyrics are pretty laughable all round. Really wonder why/how he completely lost it after NWTS.


If You’re Reading This… was mostly excellent, though a couple of tracks too long.

Mad how he went from releasing 3 excellent albums in a row in 4 years to releasing 3 terrible albums in 3 years


He’s just too huge, too over exposed and too stretched. He’s used up every drop of his ‘story’ getting to the top and has zero zero zero left. Also - trying so hard for mass appeal sacrifices anything really personal. Scorpion so bland, although maybe better than Views.


For me IYRTITL was where he loses it completely, to my ears its loads of dry trap stuff with his nasally voice over. I think energy also has a bar of product placement for Nike which leaves a very bad taste in the mouth.

Views had one good song which was unforgivable considering how much it was hyped. The cover was terrible as well.

take care is still one of my favourite albums and NWTS is very good. Just wonder why people fall off so hard like this,especially when its so fast


Always loved the hollow narrative of Drake- he was a child actor lol. All that was ok when the music backed him up but just adds to his goofiness now


Sure - but he genuinely understood drama. He was able to make it feel like life or death, which is what mattered. That’s just not possible now. He’s a super hero. After the first couple of blockbusters we know he’ll never die at the end and lose investment. The difference is in this case, so has he.


Listening to him for the first time - sounds like Ray Romano and it keeps making me laugh.


Enjoying these guys. Battle rap style mcing, with 90s beats. I am nothing if not predictable.


And this is really dope too. Production by Farma from Taskforce.

This beat is nuttttts


Knife Knights album is out (new project from Ish from Digable/Shabazz) if you need more weirdness in your life


ok this isnt very good. some ideas in there but nothing forms.