2018 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


Yeah - I struggled with this.


i kinda struggle with shabazz in a similar way. not nearly as much… but imo it’s been diminishing returns since first two ep’s + debut. they came out of the gates fully realized with that project.


eps and black up were properly great. lese majesty was a pretty decent record. can’t get into the last two at all


I really liked those last two albums. Nobody else really doing anything like Shabazz Palaces, and for him to do it at this stage in life is so impressive.

Been listening to this today. Enjoyable if you dig Roc Marciano et al.


Speaking of Roc Marciano, he just announced that he’s dropping a surprise new album at midnight!


What a shite cover


cmon it’s pretty sweet! very literal tho


I don’t mind it either! Not as nice as Ka’s though.

Wonder how much he’s going to charge…



It’s very good though. Nice Black Thought verse.


This unearthed Mac Dre high school performance is so good


Came across this Lootpack ad for a Toyota dealership the other week on Twitter.



This is great. Was never a huge Open Mike Eagle fan til Brick Body Kids Still Daydream. But now I’m fully onboard.


Kicking myself that I didn’t go and see him when he was in the UK


few good rap shows coming up in London… Havoc supported by Big Noyd is a big one for me. Also Flatbush Zombies w/ Nyck Caution and Kirk Knight I will probably attend


Large Professor is doing one too.


Not the biggest Action Bronson fan, but really like Daringer who did the beat on this…


New milo! I think some of you guys might be into him, especially if you like Mike Eagle.


Bronson really punches above his weight with production but his beat selecfion / production connections are phenomenal


Ghostface should nick his phone and steal the numbers