2018 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


This is great. Wonder how much of the new album 9th Wonder is doing?


They seem so happy to be there. Steele speaks to how great it is to do the songs with the live band. Sounds like it’s a collab album so hopefully 9th produced it all!


Think it’s 9th’s production crew with Hi-Tek and Nottz and a bunch of others


We’ll take it!

Re-listened to Reloaded this morning. I remember being disappointed with it when it came out, late 2005 was not the right time for this to be released ha. Some jams tho


I’ll take any opportunity to post this too


I really should revisit some of that stuff older stuff. Went to a great BCC show with them and Black Moon around the time Reloaded came out - they’re really great live performers. Actually - I think Heltah Skeltah were there too… The show started at some stupid time. I remember not getting home til 4am and it was a weeknight.

Ah - found a flyer.


Yeah, I’m not even sure what an album produced by the 9th and the Soul Council means in practice.

Tempted to make unfounded comparisons to Soulquarians just based on the name


BCC were so hit and miss but every group or solo artist has at least one classic to their name, and plenty of other scattered greatness throughout. Would be fun to do a BCC HHLC… maybe just a personal one ha.


I know it’s my stock response, but that initial run was so good it makes it difficult to look beyond those albums. Same with Wu etc. If I need a hit of BCC I want an abundance of Beatminerz beats, so I’m basically reaching for 1 of maybe 5 or 6 albums, which is plenty.


lol @ drake but fucking catchy

another slightly guilty pleasure, real earworm


Digging this by Ralphiie Reese.


Shockingly, it very much is.


Used to love this track. I didn’t really know what the ‘Black Trump’ references in hip hop meant at the time as I didn’t really know who The Donald was. Pretty weird thinking back.



Talked about on the Kanye thread, but Ye is just an utter twat these days. Just seems to sink lower by the day


Yeah, Drake has every right to be a bit bewildered by all this. Ye really needs to get back on the meds, for everyone’s sake.


The Trump thing, while extremely harmful, could have at least been seen as absent minded, ignorant. This almost reflects worse on his character: calculated, two-faced and most of all, incredibly petty. What reason does he even have to dislike Drake other than the fact he’s more popular than him? Pathetic


Kanye’s incredible decline can be charted almost exactly against Drake’s incredible rise. It seems that he essentially decided he was never going to put the effort in again if he couldn’t be number one. For all his talk of ‘all love’ I’ve always had the impression that he obsesses over falling behind Drake. What’s infuriating is that if he’d actually focussed on either of his last two albums and delivered what he’s capable of, he could have comfortably regained some ground.

I think his throwing away his career/image is the petulant act of a child afraid to really try in case he comes up short, so he puts absurd handicaps on his work, meaning he never has to admit that he’s up against someone he can’t beat. Maybe that’s reading too much into it, but we’re talking about an all-time ego here.


Love Mighty Mi from High and Mighty list tweets.

This one sent me down a rabbit hole…


i would need to put some thought into this