2018 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


Everyone replied with the first one I thought of: Double XX Posse - Not Gonna Be Able to Do It.

I’m crap at these things though - I need to actually hear the track or I just draw a blank. Casual seemed to be a fan of the upright bass on Fear Itself.


Fuck this will set me off too. Im sure Aceyalone has a few. Surely Buggin’ Out only get left off so its not just a Tribe list


According to his twitter there’s new Vince Staples incoming.


hip hop like this:

that whistful tone and delivery of the rhymes with a lovely thumping beat underneath. vince staples can hit this vibe, kendrick too when he’s in the mood.

any other suggestions?


DOOM used that verse before on another track.

As for other similar stuff - hmmm. I’m crap at stuff like this, but I’m just skipping through a long Spotify playlist and these are tracks that are giving me similar vibez.


these are good tips, that roc marciano track especially has the right vibe

YAH by kendrick is another one, no point linking tho cos youtube have blocked all the vids for it


More Edan and Homebody Sandman. Album drops tomorrow. Not sure I really like Homebody Sandman tbh, but the production on this sounds like it could be excellent.


Not sure why Edan has come out of the woodwork for this one but is welcome given how little output he’s produced in recent years. This is decent, but kinda suggests that a new solo album almost 15 years (!) after Beauty and the Beat would sound pretty much the same


Yeah, it’s a crazy break between releases. I have followed him on Instagram for the last few years and it’s hard to tell how he makes a living - DJs a bit but unsure if music is his full time job.

15 years. Crazy. I still think of that as a relatively recent album.


Ha. The same thought pops into my head from time to time about how Edan pays the bills :+1:


Been playing catch up a bit and wow DJ Muggs had a helluva bounce-back year!

The Cypress Hill album is WAY better than it had any right to be. The Soul Assassins comp and the album with Roc Marciano were good too. Still need to hear the Mayhem Lauren produced one.


I liked that album a lot. I know this sample been used before but I love this track.


cant not hear the outkast drop when that vocal sample comes in. this is cool tho. MUGGS!



did anyone see the Camp Flog Gnaw livestream?

Tyler’s stage show maybe the most impressive hip-hop stage design i’ve ever seen

only just heard about this but v high hopes for these as a trio

and this is great, mad video idea too


That Fetti thing is very good. Short and sweet. Alchemist is very reliable.


Tyler at Primavera was one of the most awe-inspiring, fun and life affirming shows I’ve ever seen. Me and gf grinned ear to ear all night afterwards (she’d never even heard him before) - insane, stupid and dull that he’s banned from the U.K.


Murs is on the latest Hip Hop Saved My Life podcast. I think he might be the most personable man on the planet.


Haven’t listened to this in ages, so downloaded this. Did a big LMAO on the train just now when he said he came to London and got a place in Billericay.


This sounds interesting. New album by Curly Castro.