2018 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


New Black Milk has flown very under the radar. It’s really good, as were the last couple of records. He’s crazy consistent and I’m glad he’s back rapping.

Evidence’s is a solid LP. Hadn’t even heard that there was new Phonte but now I’m low key excited to hear it


Given this a few more spins in the past fortnight (slight understatement; i’ve barely listened to anything else). It’s really, really good; so far ahead of Culture II, which I actually like, in terms of the formula for a group rap album. imo Migos’ problem on CII is that they can’t structure songs to get the best out of each individual’s voice - it’s just verse, Quavo hook, verse, Quavo hook etc. SOBxRBE have equally distinct voices, they’ve just structured the songs better. They also have 4 solo songs back-to-back towards the end which are amongst the album highlights.

It’s clearly Yhung T.O. who’s the star though. He uses autotune really well but more importantly, as demonstrated on Anti last year, has a Nate Dogg-esque ear for a hook that morphs into a verse. He steals it on Anti Social and Always, maybe my early album highlights.

Anyway, Yhung had an EP out with Mozzy last year that I missed, it’s pretty good:

Have also got obsessed with this SOBxRBE tune with Drakeo the Ruler from last year. Cali really dominating atm:


Gangin is my #1 this year so far. Love all the songs with the higher BPMs.


You see i’ve been leaning more towards the R&B sounding tracks but the beats for Carpoolin’ and Paid In Full are absolutely crazy. Also, God sounds like a lost Main Attrakionz track.


im sure ill come around to spending more time w the softer side of this but ive been needing that hyper hyphy in my life atm. dudes just falling all over the beat, cant ever catch up, just makes me want to be 18 and mosh out.


While we’re on old dudes:


yo check out the mozzy yhung TO collab EP from last year.


Hope the album is better than the album cover :rofl:


the first one was pretty underwhelming for me but this sounds better already just skipping about. the roc marci cut sounds good.


hm yelawolf in 2018? okkkkay.


Brah read the paragraph after the one you quoted :wink:

The track with Too $hort is great.


LOl I even read it smh


mozzy def won 2018 for me. still catching up on all he did. the gunplay collab tape grew on me too.


The Royce 5 9 freestyle on Funk Flex was decent enough. Will check the album when it appears on Spotify.


Not been listening to too much new stuff. Been enjoying Roc Marciano RoseBudds Revenge 2, Mach Hommy Bulletproof Luh and have also been going back through Billys Woods discography as I really slept on him. He’s brilliant.


New Take It Personal podcast is a Pete Rock special…


Actually preferred the less boom bappy bits and reckon he could have taken a shot at making a trendy modern neo-souly hip hop record? Still album is decent as it is


Oh no! Craig Mack died!!


Flava in Ya Ear (Remix) is an all timer. Pour one out


Armand Hammer album from last year was one of my favourites. Was already a Billy Woods fan, but decided to revisit Elucid, who I initially thought wasn’t really for me but am now liking a lot.