2018 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


Puzo, Rare Form, Pavement are niiice. Rare Form in partic.


this video <3


cardo and roc marci? im down


I like both of these videos / tracks a lot


this czarface/doom caught me by surprise, just got through one listen and sounds really good to me

cant say ive liked a vinnie paz verse in like 15 years but he sounds great on this:


Yeah - was pleasantly surprised by this on first listen.

Esoteric came across really well on that Adult Rappers doc, but he remains a very vanilla rapper.


fun imo


It’s solid. Initial impressions were of a Czarface album that was weaker than their first couple with some phoned in DOOM verses. About what you’d expect. Mixing is a bit balls too. Nevertheless, these guys are v good at boom bap so that still adds up to about a 7/10


Also nice to know that Esoteric is a Sufjan fan: “Pursuin’ Illinois, Sufjan Stevens
Even though he’s an Asthmatic Kitty, he’s too calm breathin’” :joy:


i need to see that apparently. esoteric is very mediocre for sure, not distractingly bad and not bad enough for me to skip him but yeah.


think i need to go back and spend more time with those czarface albums i may have underrated them.


The last record is a bit meh, but the first two are great and they struck gold on Every Hero Needs a Villain in particular. Enjoying the new one anyway. If DOOM had really gone in on it and not sent them bars over whatsapp they couldn’t mix, it might have elevated it to the next level


lol was that how it really went down?? sounded ok to me last night but ill give it a go with my better setup soon.


hahaha i don’t know for sure but felt like i could barely hear him on some tracks. will comment further after a couple more listens :grin:



yikes, heart attack at 41 :confused:


masta ace tiny desk concert <3


That Tiny Desk is obviously all about Born to Roll/Jeep Ass Niguh, would have been great to hear more classics… I’ve kinda come around to the last couple of MA albums, they’re solid boom bap. Just that the five records from Take a Look Around -> Long Hot Summer is one of the best runs in hip hop.


This is great. I think I might go to his show at Jazz Café now.


Agree though - would have liked him to do more classics.