2018 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


Wish my old Masta Ace thread could be transferred to the new boards, we mighta got it up to like 20 posts by now lol.

I think Story of Me sounds awesome in this context, so warm and enveloping. Would have def loved a longer set or more of a mashup, one verse of some other classics or something. Cant complain tho, dude looks and sounds great. bummed he’s not coming through phoenix.


I didn’t even know this was a thing (OK, thanks Pitchfork) and it’s great. Particularly unexpected as it’s been like a decade since Jean Grae did anything of note. This is altogether more out there than what she normally does. Enjoyed that Chris album from last year a fair bit but this is sticking way more. Production is weird, woozy and off kilter in the same way, but Jean adds some balance. A surprise year highlight out of nowhere


Yes - heard about this on Uncommon Nasa’s podcast but not heard the whole album yet. Didn’t realise they were engaged.


Ha. Didn’t realise that either. Now that cover is even more cute.


Do you know who produced it? Can’t find a list of credits. Like it a lot.


Self-produced I believe :slight_smile:


loving this, real surprise


That one video they put out revently is so good. Will have to check this album.


Oh man. This is really sad.


the section about the Clan not really having his back while they were living in LA… :disappointed:

might have to buy this book, sounds like an interesting read


just got sad reading the headline


Yeah - I just added it to my Amazon basket. Don’t think I’ve ever read a rappers bio… Had no idea about his son. Jesus.


The best rap bio I’ve ever read is J-Zone’s which cuts a similar underdog tone but a bit more humorously


I might get a few. Had the Prodigy one sitting on my wish list since he died (sorry P).


been wanting the prodigy one and the scarface one


if you want a different perspective on Wu-Tang to contemplate U-God’s I’d vaguely recommend the RZA’s book in which he claims to have mastered both chess and Islam by age 11. but some good insights into his basically hermit like existence during the golden run of Wu albums


the scarface one is good. made me really sad when he writes that he knew he was getting fucked by rap a lot but signs back with them anyway out of loyalty just to get fucked again


the al b sure vocal sample usage on 4 the DJs interlude is so perfect, wish that was a full track.


For fans of clams casino, main attrakionz, lil b, ilovemakonnen, beats with very dreamy samples


Anyone watched Defiant Ones?

Director Allen Hughes (“Menace II Society”) traces the rise of music moguls Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine and chronicles their groundbreaking partnership.