2018 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


i likes


Yeah v enjoyable - although it occasionally focusses too hard on things it shouldn’t, and glosses over things it should lock onto. I guess how could it be any different in a doc with the principles involved?

I must admit I do love stuff like this - The Microphone Check podcast (from Ali Shaheed Muhammad, of A Tribe Called Quest) for example, that looks into the working/writing techniques of rappers is just wonderful - because it exposes how actually, fundamentally singer-songwriter-y rap really is. How much it comes down to a negotiation between real experience and invention. I could listen to that stuff all day.


I liked this a bit but it was very fluffy.


this is the video i was thinking of


Yeah pretty good. Well made, too. Loved the first couple of episodes about Dre’s start with the Wreckin Crew and Iovine starting out with Springsteen / Tom Petty.

It had turned into a Beats advert by the end which was a shame, but inevitable. Eminem and Kendrick kept it interesting even then though.


gave the Cardi B album a spin, pretty good, first listen highlight was this, sampling that Tito Nieves and getting the two biggest latin trap artists on it was a power move


Drake on bit of a roll this year. Sometimes have a hard time getting in to songs where I’m already so familiar with the sample, but this beat is :fire:

Enjoyed the Letita Wright / Battersea Power Station cameo at the end of the video too.


Bland as fuck, innit. 5/10 mediocrity like practically everything else he does.


Granted when almost everything else he does is dreary downbeat mush, I can understand why people notice when a track at least has a bit of energy, but it just isn’t very good. Boilerplate beat, completely uninspiring sample, Drake by numbers verses. Looking forward to a whole summer of hearing slightly chipmunked Lauryn Hill everywhere I go


Got to disagree with you here man. This song is good. Well aware I’m not in a Drake friendly zone, and sure, he’s never going to push any hip-hop boundaries, but not everyone has too, and he’s put out some very good singles this year. The way he uses regional rap can be derivative but tbh I would rather the music I have to hear all summer had Lauryn Hill samples and Louisiana bounce influences than not.


He definitely should have tried to get a Wayne guest verse on this though


should’ve got bonafide hits man Swae Lee on this tbh. Love Wayne but think his verses are too hit and miss these days to bank on for a big tune.

I like Drake more often than not and I’m liking this. It’s fairly audacious to sample one of the most memorable moments from the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and turn it into a Drizzy Drake girl power single


Love love love Swae Lee. Been playing Hurt To Look and Powerglide pretty much daily since they came out.


in theory i should be down with drake but i just find him and his music so, so dull. he’s the coldplay of the stadium rap world


Not a bad comparison really. Both very smart at marketing / hopping on a trend right when it’s cresting. Drake’s hit/miss ratio is much higher than Coldplay tho.


predictably I’m liking the Husalah — H and E-40 and B-Legit — Connected and Respected albums


I get this, you know. I kind of find Drake boring and fascinating at the same time. Even when I’m not in to the music there’s always some intrigue in how he manages to operate and consistently stay relevant.

Whilst we’re on the subject, thought this was a good bit of writing:


Ooof, a take that hot needs to go in the Smashing Pumpkins thread!


I think I’m enjoying the Cardi B album quite a lot? Can’t tell if it has any sort of longetivity in it but it’s hitting me g a spot right now.

Bbymutha & $hoey’s BbyShoe is growing on me too - was really non-plussed by it at first as the instrumentation is really subtle, but starting to dig it now


Oo er, cheers autocorrect, I like it plenty but not quite that much.