2018 Rolling Music Video Thread

No idea who this is beyond the name, Lord Over (www.soundcloud.com/lordover), but it freaked me the fuck out when I first saw it. Perfect video, in my mind- music and imagery enhance each other, visuals relate to the lyrical themes without being too literal. Crazy animation that involves AI somehow I don’t understand.

What else you got?

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Well as you’ve made this thread why don’t I post this

It’s a VR video - you can scroll around every way and watch the audience or whatever.

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Jean Grae & Quelle Chris — Gold Purple Orange

2 Chainz — Proud ft YG, Offset (they all got their moms to be in the video)

spiritually I am the bearded guy gradually undressing himself

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This is excellent. Looks expensive too, so I’m guessing she received a few favours.