2018 uk politics thread (rolling)

first on the menu for this year: cabinet reshuffle

if she moves Hunt from Health, who the hell would want that job now that things are really starting to fall apart? hardly unique to health…

The person doing interviews but not answering questions about this topic is now…

more like 2018 uk politics thread (trolling)

amirite guys

They’ve already fucked it. Deleted tweets, premature announcements, complaints at CCHQ before the first person’s been to Downing Street.

Chris Grayling turns up for his first day as Conservative Party chairperson.


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Anne Milton rumoured as next Health Sec - although she used to be a nurse, her husband is on the board of Virgin Care (who incidentally are SUING the NHS)

They genuinely don’t give a shit eh

Is the position actually called “Vice Chairman for Women” that’s hilarious

It’s a tricky one. I’ve worked in 2 places now that have had female chairs and in both instances they have insisted on being called the ‘Chairman’ rather than ‘Chairwoman’ or even ‘Chair’.

Why this is, I don’t know.

Huh that is interesting! My mum has held that position in a women’s sports organisation and I think they always stuck with “chairperson” (and she would have corrected anyone who said “chairman”).

So pretty much a whole working day and all they’ve managed to do is appoint one cabinet role and add a word to a department name. I suppose at least it’s stable government at last. Not sure the glacial speed is a sign of strength, particularly after this morning’s failed appointment of Grayling as party chair.

Yeah maybe it’s a strange quirk in the area I work in tbh. It’s odd I’ll grant you that, but does help to make a bit of sense around that wording of that appointment I suppose!

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in theory, giving the same person responsibility for social care and health is a good idea cos for too long those two things have pushed their problems onto each other (mostly cuts to social care have kept people hospital longer)

…but Hunt being in charge of both doesn’t make me feel in the slightest bit better about it all


Weirdest bit is that they’ve got 9 Vice Chairs - seems the wrong title to go for; a bit like when American Companies start making everyone Vice President for Toothpaste Purchasing or for Impactful Decision Making.

He was in charge of it before surely? It just wasn’t in his job title.

i thought social care was the responsibility of local councils (but really i have no idea tbh)

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Social Care was local government (Javid’s area)

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9 vice chairs and a deputy chair as well.

There are obviously a lot of Tory MPs who need to be placated…

Yeah I noticed that - especially in these accountancy firms everyone’s a Vice President, even if in any other world they’re Junior Management or something.

I mean I get why they do it but it’s remarkably silly at the same time.

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I’m probably getting muddled up as health and social care falls under the same department here. Assumed it would be the same in England.

No, it came under local goverment, so Javid.