2018 uk politics thread (rolling)


Hunt removed around 8,000 beds from the NHS, citing these would go towards beds in social care sector (nursing homes, hospices etc.). But of course this didn’t happen… Rather cuts to local authorities have meant social care services have declined…


Ha, there’s another 4 remaining in post apparently, so we’re up to 13!


Oh it looks like I was right:

No need to apologise…:wink:


Alright former Liberal Democrat minister in the coalition.


Chris Grayling staying at Transport. He’s made a complete mess of pretty much every job he’s had since 2010. Genuinely astonishing that he keeps being in the Cabinet.


Great mental image


Justine Greening seemed okayish/at least somewhat open to listening to teachers (for a Tory so obviously still awful)
Who’s this Damien Hinds guy?


finding it revealing how disconnected the media class appears in the way they’re covering this reshuffle the same old way, i.e., as if its sports/a soap opera for nerds. when you think about what the vermin are doing to the poor, disabled, immigrants, the NHS, brexit, yemen, the appointment of a sex pest to a key higher education role, etc.

none of this is at all normal and i resent the BBC and other outlets for trying to make it so.


Seen a few people suggest that she’ll join the ~tory rebels~ which would be fun.


strong and stable in the national interest



It’s alright. Look, here’s a lovely picture of one of your future overlords. The natural order will prevail. It’s alright.


did the times change that kid’s eye colour? aryan superprincess


Toby Young’s gone.


Ahahaha hahahahhaha he’s such a cretin. Good riddance


I think Norman Lamb is overegging his responsibilities, tbh (plus they did away with his post a couple of years back). They’re bringing in other aspects of social care that weren’t part of the Health department remit before.

It seems that the biggest task to do with social care is the upcoming green paper, which was Damien Green’s responsibility, anyway.


I agree that unless they transfer funding from local authorities to national government (essentially a centralisation of social care), it pretty much is just shuffling deckchairs around.

Given that adult care is about to collapse as most of the providers go into administration over the next year or so, this is an odd thing for Hunt to want to do. Maybe he believes in sacrifice for the cause.


The reappointment of McVey to the DWP shows the contempt this government have for the public, but it’s all been treated like gossip.


feels like everything is given that brexit will ruin everything anyway


Nah Theresa May’s making a concerted effort to throw the next election. There can’t be any other explanation.


She just has fuck all control.