2018 uk politics thread (rolling)


It’s hilarious how little respect they have for her tbqh.


I was hopeful this was going to unravel into farce the moment the Grayling tweet was deleted and they’ve not disappointed me. I think this was pretty much her last chance to re-establish herself as being in control and she’s completely blown it.


Yeah looks like it. Ministers refusing to resign and take other jobs isn’t exactly a look of strength is it. Also the politics of it all are pretty rubbish. The Tories ain’t gonna be convincing anyone they aren’t the party that hates poor people/benefit claimants with Esther McVey back at the DWP.


:clap: amazing that the government is still ignoring the shocking lack of public transport investment for the north east (possibly also south west)



got some #numbers saying this on facebook

This weeks cabinet reshuffle is like if May knocked over a bin, picked it up and put everything back in it and then hoped no one would notice the state the floor was in


Not sure what the floor is in this analogy.




It’s that it’s a paw analogy.


Ur a Brexit.


I’ve been doing some pictures for my course which sort of touches on this a bit.


they’ve stuck the picture through an instagram filter from the looks of it


Still does no good. No matter how many filters, or how many Mail headlines describing them as cute little hotties, the simple fact is that both of those kids have heads like baking potatoes.


the floor is OUR DEMOCRACY sir/madam


“We do not and cannot accept the principle that incompetence justifies dismissal. That is victimisation.”


This is so good post more




I can relate to that second one. I was unemployed living in the Scottish Borders and had to spend £6.50 return to go sign on. Due to my appointment time, I had 6 hours to kill in Galashiels, trying my best not to spend anything. There is fuck all in Galashiels.


a better way of framing the toby young thing would be that the conservatives appointed and, in parliament, defended an actual eugenicist:

(i don’t think the tories would have sacked him tbh)


…actually speechless reading that


yep. plus they mobilized on his behalf, wrote op-eds defending him, and planted supportive quotes in the press, then they let him resign, rather than make him face the humiliation of a sacking.

they need to get got, all of them.