2018 uk politics thread (rolling)



But Boris told us Young has a “caustic wit”, and surely that’s more important than anything he might have actually said or done?


That’s nothing less than what you’d expect from that bin lid. UK politics is just blatantly good vs evil now.


The original article from the London Student paper is worth reading as well…



oh god


May today:

When animals are mistreated, our common humanity is tarnished. So we are pursuing policies to make Britain a world leader in tackling the abuse of animals.

May last weekend:

On this issue of foxhunting … my own view hasn’t changed.



Didn’t they also cruise through a vote to not uphold the parts of the EU law devoted to animal rights quite recently?


To be fair, Louis Theroux would have got a telly programme out of going to that conference. But to be even fairer it’s Toby Young, so fuck him.

The whole saga was so mind-blowingly incompetent that the only conclusion I can draw is that it was set up as a distraction from something much worse they were doing behind the scenes. Don’t really want to think what that might be.


It’s quite funny to see some people on the right trying to claim that this story has been plagiarised from Private Eye, and therefore shouldn’t be believed, when it was written by the same people…


It was. It’s called The NHS Winter Crisis (Rolling).


Didn’t work though did it… So yes, that.


I think the key argument was about whether the article about animal sentience needs to be taken from a particular EU protocol and added into British law.


If it is was the strategy, it’s a shit one anyway. Because more people are directly affected by it by first-hand experience than the combined circulation of all UK newspapers. You don’t need the Mail to splash on it to know that the NHS basically collapses every winter.


And Tories voted against the amendment because they felt the 2006 Animal Welfare Act adequately recognised animal sentience.

Which then got spun into this http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/brexit-government-vote-animal-sentience-cant-feel-pain-eu-withdrawal-bill-anti-science-tory-mps-a8065161.html


Which of course, it doesn’t, although it provides for some of the the same protections for a subset of sentient animals.


Yes. But that’s quite different from stating that Tories believe animals don’t feel pain, of course.


Another interesting take from May this morning. Apparently the NHS winter crisis is because too many people are getting sick.


It’s actually a good thing because it shows more people are aware that hospitals exist.



Given that the past decade or so has seen unusually low levels of flu in the UK, partly as a result of vaccine programmes and partly through sheer luck, a return to average infection rates shouldn’t be unexpected, especially given the other cuts to services that make a rise more likely.


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