2018 uk politics thread (rolling)


what you posted was mildly relevant, i was hoping you’d posted about something really really inane like the exact date you last ate a twix or something


December 26th, single finger from a selection box. Technique: Caramel first, biscuit second.




This is interesting: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/corbyn-ally-chris-williamson-quits-amid-council-tax-row_uk_5a577d69e4b0616638288b7c?l2j

Bit of a loose cannon is Williamson.


This hasn’t really got much coverage, largely because Carillion are being described as the HS2 contractor, rather than one of the main companies that undertake outsourced local council work, I think. Interserve are wobbly, too, apparently.

Yet another company that has paid out dividends to shareholders while running up losses and allowing a pension fund to fall into deficit. It looks like the government are considering taking back their loss-making contracts, effectively nationalising losses while allowing profits to be privatised.


Mad that given the multitude of stupid things Williamson has said in the past, it’s calling for higher tax that did him in.


also known as the banking model

(not exclusively the banks tho)


Accuracy is no bad thing, so can we get verification on the extent of this ‘collapse’ situation?

Are we taking about a full Fred Dibnah collapse?

Or more of a Mortimer stumble?



Yeah what I’m intrigued about is was he sacked because a) he went rogue with a policy the leadership thought was shit, or b) he went rogue with a policy the leadership didn’t mind but objected to the “optics” of a tax increase this close to local elections.


Whatever collapse people do when they die in hospital corridors?


A little from each column I think.


Plus c) lots of local councillors openly criticising him.

I think his full interview on Council Tax rises, like pretty much all those that he’s given, was measured and sensible. One would have hoped that he’d have learnt his lesson on how that can be taken out of context by those on the right (both in the press and in the Tories, and those on the right of the Labour party too).


In that case, this might be closer to the mark.


While we all know that Streeting is a disingenuous tool, I did not expect to see him summed up so well by a face from the past:


I’m genuinely surprised that this came out as ‘news’

for some reason I can’t really explain, I did a bit of research on him a few months ago when I was doing a bit of education sector research for work:

and read this speech/essay:

2017 Constance Holden Memorial Address: Liberal Creationism`

which contained this


If people had actually bothered to do a bit of due diligence it was all there


My mum has question time on and I’m screaming at the tv so much I’ve gone hoarse


Farage wants a 2nd referendum

Apparently Leave would win ‘even stronger’ and the Blairs/Cleggs would be silenced for a whole generation. Seems very adamant that that would be the case.

I reckon it could potentially go the other way round. The last couple of years have shown more people often end up voting against the side of the person who called an election/referendum.

Or most people wouldn’t even bother voting (except the better-informed).


Anybody else reckon Jeremy Hunt looks a bit like this meme dog?


please do not speak ill of the meme doggos.



Loooool, pompous puffed up popinjay is the sort of try-hard alliterative guff I used to crowbar into my English GCSE coursework. I mean i got an A* but it’s shite really isn’t?

Do centrist/RW weirdos still think he’s a master wordsmith or have they realised he’s pretty thick and just uses the occasional ye olde word to sound like he’s clever??