2018 uk politics thread (rolling)



Hilariously, ‘pompous, puffed up popinjay in City Hall’ is a perfect phrase to describe Boris up until 2016.


I’m absolutely sure that Nigel and Johnson claiming Trump is running scared of Jeremy Corbyn when he’s already been clear he’s not coming in protest over Obama is really helping the “special relationship”.


Hang on, Johnson and Farage are saying Trump isn’t coming because of Corbyn? Way to improve Jezza’s popularity guys.


Johnson’s saying he’s not coming because Sadiq was rude to him, although how anyone ever manages to work out what Sadiq’s saying is a mystery to me.


It’s usually one of:

  • This is bad because it’s bad and I’ll definitely solve it
  • I’m consulting the bad thing we talked about last year/2 years ago/insert other timeline
  • Here’s a small change that won’t make much difference to the bad thing, but I’m selling as a big statement because it’s a tiny bit more than the government or Boris would do.

  • sbadcausesbadnIlldfinitelysolvei
  • mconsultingthebadthingwtlkedboutlasyr
  • Hsasmallchangethatwonmamudffrencetthebadthing, btmsellinsabigstamencausesatinybimorthnthegovmentorBoriswdo.


Can say many things about Sadiq Khan but I’m not sure ‘pompous’ is one of them.

Thing about Johnson is that he’s undeniably more colourful with his turns of phrase than your average MP, but he never says anything which is especially memorable.


I think Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe would beg to differ.


Except “My policy on cake is pro having it and pro eating it.”


Good point.


He fancies himself as Churchilian doesn’t he? But, as you say, nothing he ever says sticks in the mind. It’s all just bluff, bluster and rhubarb.


Bah that’s been overtaken by when I saw Rebecca Long-Bailey on Marr or whatever it was saying “our policy on Brexit IS to have our cake and eat it”, which irked me a lot.

Although he’s using a common phrase/cliche there so he gets zero points for that one.


Sure does. Written a biography of him and everything (which was absolutely panned review-wise).


I find Churchill quite interesting to read about - a contemptable figure in many ways, but a very complex and quite fascinating one - Johnson’s biog of him is one that I’m never going near.


Been reminded of this, too:


I don’t have any interest in him personally.


My word. Could you imagine reading a whole book by Johnson? Just getting through one of his columns is a trial.


Read it.

READ. IT. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/09/15/boris-johnson-vision-bold-thriving-britain-enabled-brexit/


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