2018 Wrapped (Spotify)


guess I’m not as liberated from white man rock as I imagined. Only got premium two months ago so next year’s should be more interesting.


Same, I must have been rinsing Jeff Rosenstock earlier in the year but don’t think I’ve listened since about… March?


Fucking hell, it’s set the language based on region and now there are Dutch words all over my screen.


Barely listened to the Frankie Cosmos album compared with, say, Tomberlin or Sun June. Weird.


Dutch wanker.


the tastebreakers playlist they made me looks rad


Oh wow, didn’t realise quite how much Jeff Rosenstock I’d been listening to this year


Aye, I reckon the fact I use offline mode on my phone has massively skewed it tbh. Listened to Blonde loads at work from my desktop but I reckon there are many, many songs I’ve played more than those this year.


Same actually, I was expecting it to be bollocks but looks like it might be worth a deep dive.


So white, so male. Don’t think it’s truly representative. And all of those top songs are from the same album


Think Max Richter is on there from listening to the whole of sleep, and not sure how been Russell & Clarice Jensen snuck in there.

129% more non mainstream - i need an indie back patch.


Is there an Apple Music version of this?




I use Spotify to check stuff out rather than my main listening source - so not totally reflective of my habits…




my tastebreakers playlist thing is full of prince. I know about prince thanks spotify, you fucking idiot



Stopped listening to Andrew wk after the weird alt right history


Pfft, if you haven’t cracked 100% you may as well tattoo Ed Sheeran’s face on your own face ya big normie.

130% baby :muscle:


This actually makes me sound a bit dull. Cheers Spotify.