2018 Wrapped (Spotify)


Can’t remember my Spotify password. Here are the top songs


Tastemakers list is decent


I listen to non-mainstream 154% more than the average Spotify listener. How is that even possible?



I was gonna come back at you with a witty retort… but it’s really obscure and you’ve probably never heard of it.


Well played. I bow to your superior indie cred! I think the only way to beat you now is to have listened to a series of albums that don’t even exist.


As expected.


Not totally accurate, as I switched to Tidal over the summer and only just switched back (sorry :flushed:)



170% more indie m9’s.

Almost certainly due to Dis State (@Bamnan made my top 5 most played artists) and the 24 hours I apparently spent listening to Rafael Anton Irisarri.



I swear I’ve only listened to Mr Brightside once this year, officer.


Fancy going halves on the vinyl Tone?


The obscure king is dead, long live the obscure king!


Thank god for U.S. Girls, saving me from a totally men-with-guitars top artists



Only 154% more indie than others. Swapped to Apple music halfway through year- if that was included would be dead heat between Protomartyr and Twilight Sad for most listened to.


If you have one apple and I have three apples, I have 200% more apples than you.

Not relevant to your question, I just want to show off how many apples I have.


What would that be? A cool £400 each or something?


Yeah something like that. Might be a little bit more if we get charged import fees but that’s a drop in the ocean if we commit to this.


Aha, I took two apples with me today though!

Anyway, strict definitions of 100% of something aside, I guess I was commenting more on the very rigid taste of mainstream listeners :slight_smile:


You’ve only listened for 3 and a half minutes this year - I guess 30 seconds of that was Mr Brightside?